Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Future Uncertain

Some quick thoughts after this evening's Council Cabinet meeting while they are fresh in my mind.

First-off, there's real concern on the Conservative side of the floor that the Labour Group is already making recommendations on the future of Manston airport, in advance of the forthcoming, full Council debate, without sharing these with the Opposition. It strikes me that with such an important topic, some of the more basic principles of local democracy are being thrown-out of the window.

The press release that followed the meeting is somewhat at odds with what actually took place and I'm wondering if perhaps I was somewhere else or simply asleep!

Without any shadow of a doubt though and based on tonight's performance, the future of the island's airport remains a difficult and uncertain one while Clive Hart and Labour remain in control of the Council.

The Royal Sands development in Ramsgate was kicked back into touch again. In fact it never appeared on the pitch tonight and will re-appear in a future Cabinet meeting, where, who knows, it will be pushed back to Council? Anyone care to make a bet?

Margate's QEQM hospital and the future of its casualty, A&E unit was the subject of a report to Cabinet. "Yes" I can see the practical advantages of specialist care units in Maidstone and Ashford but what will go there and what will be left here in Thanet remains ambivalent and this is understandably a cause of worry to many people. For example, there is no fast road solution between here and Ashford for emergency vehicles and it's also a long way to expect families to travel in what is after all, a deprived part of the County.

We will hear more about this in the Autumn but it's true to say that all political parties here in Thanet are united in seeking the best possible emergency care solution available and protecting our hospital's services and will be watching the consultation very closely indeed. In the meantime, wild rhetoric and an alarmist Facebook campaign from one of our councillors only serves to worry the community before the full detail of any plan is available for calm scrutiny and a proper response.

I'm starting to hear how the independents are going to divide up the the key committees and the 'Special Responsibility Allowances'  that go with them, in order to keep a minority Labour Group in control at this month's annual meeting of the Council.

There's another impression of the same meeting on James Maskell's weblog but I may add more later...


Michael Child said...

Amazing picture Simon, I guess you need a fisheye lens and did you use aeroplane to achieve it, I don’t think you did, but can’t work out where you took it from.

simon moores said...

Thank you Michael.. iPhone 4s on top of the car park this morning!

Michael Child said...

Ah snap appy

I'm not John Worrow said...

Talking about the Future, All seems to have gone quiet on the Dreamland situation.

Last thing I saw was some heavily over developed design for 471 houses on the dreamland site.
In my opinion, a really crazy idea. Imagine 471 family homes, most people who would buy them would be families with one or two cars. 471 family homes on 3-4 storie buildins, which will need access to 942 wheelie bins.

Is there a website for local Thanet people where they can show their own visions of what could go on the Dreamland site or Thanet in general. Any budding local Architects or Artist's to show their local Thanet Tallent. Obviously money being no object restricting the creative flow.

Could be an idea like Terry Painters Margate Marina, although would of been better if he had drawn a picture.

Could be something recognising the multi cultural backgrounds of the people living in Cliftonville West. Could build the UK's first truely international eating out experience, with so many exciting cooking styles and flavours never experienced before.

Not everyone in Cliftonville West are lazy, they want to work and be proud once again standing upon their own 2 feet.

Would be something completely different to the usual KFC,McDonalds. And for once Thanet would be leading the way, instead of just copying other county's like when Hasting's had an art gallery, we copied them.

Come on Thanet, Dreamland Margate was someones dream once which became reality. Dreamland Margate is not just some old amusement park, it's a symbol, it's brand name.

If you have an idea, let's see it