Thursday, May 03, 2012


For the aviation enthusiasts among the readers, there's a second attempt tomorrow, Friday 4th May, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Supermarine Spitfire, by flying a radio-controlled scale model from Calais to Manston and then the Spitfire museum.

My job is to fly the camera ship and so if you do happen to be interested or plan go along and see what happens, here's the plan so far; all subject to the weather of course.

An earlier attempt organised by Mike Booth, last year had me sitting at Manston all day in the fog but tomorrow's weather looks vaguely promising. I plan to drop into Manston at 09:00 as the airport opens, pick-up the photographer and take-on fuel, departing out to Calais at 09:30.

I should be making my approach into Calais at 09:55 and then the organiser, Mike Booth, tells me '"We hope to depart back to Manston at around 11am UK time."

All going to schedule and as long as we don't lose this very large model Spitfire in the English Channel; it flies at 90mph, the aircraft will be attempting to land, unscathed, on Manston's main runway between 11:30 and noon. If there's internet access available at Calais I will attempt to Twitter what's happening and you should be able to see this on the sidebar of the weblog but don't forget to refresh the page every now and then.

Once it's landed, then it will be taken over to a press reception at the Spitfire museum. I will add more later if I find out more but I'm just the driver! I'm hoping to film it with a GoPro video camera attached to my wingtip.

Pictured left the ME109 bought down on the edge of Minster Road in Westgate during the Battle of Britain. The young German pilot, Herbert Bischoff. survived the war as a POW and became a prominent doctor, corresponding with local historian Dick Hambidge.

I've embedded an interesting ten minute movie above and added a walk-around clip of one historic Spitfire visitor to Thanet, Defender of Malta, below.

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