Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Little Annoyed

"Crikey", as the long lost Eastcliff Richard might have written, "It's all the fault of that Simon Moores bloke!"

I'm referring to this morning's press release from the Thanet Independent Group, a copy of which you will find here, which concedes that some residents of Minnis Bay might have been a little annoyed at being described as 'ugly pigs' but it's all really the fault of 'yours truly' because Cllr John Worrow was quite unable to distinguish between the light-hearted satire," you might find here from time to time and the cruder online insults traded on his last and most recently defunct weblog! Now that's what I call a grand and generous but not unreserved apology on behalf of his so-called 'Web team'; I wish I could afford one and I'm sure people in Birchington will be most impressed indeed.

In fact, tomorrow evening at 7pm at the village community centre, they will have their opportunity to quiz both Cllr Worrow and Cllr Cohen on their policies and recent statements from the Thanet Independent Group and so you might have to arrive early to be sure of a good seat. I suspect though, they may both fail to turn-up to 'face the music' from a very unhappy constituency but I'm looking forward to seeing a report of the meeting.

One thing however does bother me today and that's the visitor traffic to the Thanet Independent Group Archive is actually greater than those coming here to enjoy my sense of satire. I may have created a monster! Either that or people are now waking-up to the awful truth of what Clive Hart and the Labour Group did on Thursday night, when they effectively handed the keys of the council's committees to TIG.

Expect the worst or best for the Manston Night Flights debate next week, depending on your point of view as Cllrs Worrow, Driver and Cohen prop-up the Labour vote.


Anonymous said...

So, that was their (or as the 'apology' reads his) idea of light hearted satire was it? Good grief!

Anonymous said...

He is a complete and utter waste of time - has a little "man" syndrome. He will never be anything of any importance or integrity. I hope all of Birchington fill the Village Centre Monday and let them know exactly what they think of them. Does Worrow actually work for a living does anyone know, or is he happy to pick up the allowances now given to him on a plate?

Anonymous said...

I do believe he cleans carpets for a 'living', Though he is the only tdc councillor, who chooses not to share his register of interests!