Thursday, May 17, 2012

Closer to Home

This being a big day for council business, the Annual General Meeting of the Council, I will start with a little Westgate information.

Last week, I was horrified to step-off the train and see a group of young teenage girls from one of our local schools , smoking cannabis on the platform. I called-up the school and told the office but yesterday, I observed a teenage boy, doing a healthy trade in single cigarettes and perhaps a more potent tobacco mixture, outside the same school the girls came from. He's easily spotted, about 16, of school age, no uniform, baseball cap worn on the side of the head and not visibly of local origin.

I've reported this to Inspector Impey at Margate Police Station and he promises to have this worrying issue investigated immediately. I did suggest they pass-by this morning at 08:30 and 'Lift' the lad in question.

On another issue, Ethelbert's Homes has reared its head again, with anti-social behaviour from at least two of the troubled teenagers in its care, causing concern to traders in Westgate's Station Road. I've been in touch with the home after the last incident this month and I'm told that the ringleader has now been 'moved'. I'm sure much to the relief of people in Westgate but perhaps not to his next port of call. I see that as summer approaches, we are once again seeing an increase in anti-social behaviour around the station and outside the Piggy Bank nursery and I am keeping an eye on it.

On another and even less attractive note, many readers have shared their disgust at the response by John Worrow's Thanet Independent Group (TIG), to Heather Seer's letter written to the Thanet Gazette, published in the comments section of my last weblog entry. This veiled personal attack on a leading member of the public and the members of Minnis Bay Watch is beyond any pretense of satire, quite outrageous and exceeds any decent standard of responsible public behaviour. I will be taking copies of this with me to Council tonight, for those Councillors who don't read weblogs to see.

Whether this will prevent Clive Hart from giving TIG the keys to the Council's key committees in return for their vital votes remains to be seen later this evening. I'm told that some Birchington residents may be attending to demand Cllr Worrow's resignation as both Councillor and 'Diversity Champion'..


Anonymous said...

This is a big opportunity for Cllr Hart to see if he is prepared to cast TIG into the political wilderness.TIG have no place in Thanet Politics, Clive now is your chance to show what you are made of good leaders are often called to make difficult decisions you have a responsibility to Thanet to make the right one tonight.

ab820c2c-9a99-11e1-bc37-000bcdcb471e said...

I just read the TIG 'pig monster' post, and I'm horrified! They should be ashamed of themselves

Anonymous said...

Who is she?

simon moores said...

Heather Seer who leads Minnis Bay Watch community group.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."

Good thing you have copies, Simon!

I saw the page last night - it is disgraceful. No decent person would consider publishing something so appalling.

I hope anyone associated with that blog will either separate themselves entirely from it or else not even consider standing in any further elections.

James Maskell said...

I have a screenshot of that blog from last night along with the photo itself saved. Im happy to forward it if necessary. I understand a senior TDC Officer has been contacted.

Sad to see the anti-social behaviour of some youths in Westgate continuing. This isn't the first time we've heard of it on this blog. Any news on what is being done to have a more joined up approach to this? I thought the new administration was keen to deal with the issue of LACs in Thanet?

Anonymous said...

Heather is a smashing lady who works very hard for the people of Minnis Bay and if you agree or not with her opinions she does not deserve those comments.

Clive, you have the power to put a stop to this and bearing in mind that he is your so called equality champion who Cllr Fenner thought was a first class choice for the role, wow how wrong can she be.

Anonymous said...

"He's easily spotted, about 16, of school age, no uniform, baseball cap worn on the side of the head and not visibly of local origin."

Would you like to explain what you mean by the words "not visibly of local origin", Simon?

simon moores said...

'Not visibly of local origin..'

Not recognisably local!

Anonymous said...

No tattoos, pitbull or hoodie then.

Anonymous said...

Presumably due to the Minnis Bay Watch post - did he jump or was he pushed ??

Anonymous said...

Isn't smoking cannabis illegal ?
Why not phone the police \ pcso instead of the school ??

simon moores said...

Hopefully 2:52 you can trust me to pull the right levers in attempting to deal with this problem as swiftly as possible!

Anonymous said...

2.49. - more to the point does he exist?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet my pension Rebecca at the Gazette won't publish a word of this.
God forbid she prints anything that shows up her dream Labour Administration for what they truly are.
The price for Clive Hart to be Leader and Labour staying in power is to support and condone ANYTHING Worrow, Sober Jack and Driver chose to do.
Which poor member of the public will be their next target?
The politics of the sewer has come to Thanet. Shame on the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

Glad you have got copies of that revolting post Simon. Wonder if the claim will be that it was all down to the 'agent' acting on his own?
Can't say I'm surprised about the school incident. Unfortunately I can guess which school too.

Anonymous said...

3.52 - you seem to tar all councillors and there are some very good hardworking ones on both sides, and they are probably ashamed to share the term of councillor with this appalling bunch. I hope the Birchington residents do rise up now and call for at least Worrow's resignation and it's time that Driver's ward started to think the same way. There is no chance Clive Hart will surrender his leadership - it really was, and is, his only chance. But he is likely to go down in history as the shortest serving, and worst, leader this council has ever had.....and that beats the Hosers and the Leadbetters!!!!

I'm not John Worrow said...

Hmmmm, the Westgate and Westbrook website which publishes the WWRA minutes doesn't seem to of been updated this month.

Was curious about what happened when Roger Gale had a meeting with BT about the Super Fast Broadband in Westgate.