Wednesday, May 30, 2012

СМЕРть Шпионам

Today, I thought I might make the reporting a little lighter. I hear intelligence chatter, that Mike Harrison's Facebook password was targeted by none other than the sinister organisation, SMERSH (СМЕРть Шпионам), in an effort to discredit him with the Labour group. The objective, apparently, to facilitate Councillor's Ian Driver's unstoppable progress, in using the Scrutiny Committee to influence council policy in a direction which remains quite alarming to some observers; as James Maskell has already observed, quite astutely on his weblog.

Yesterday evening I happened to meet Will Scobie, who was on his way to Scrutiny, which is of course chaired by none other than Ian Driver with Mike Harrison as his deputy. I gave our young Margate mayor the business card of a friend, at the Serious & Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and suggested he pass it on to Mike, as a good person to make a homophobic hacking complaint to: "Use my name as an introduction," I offered.

(Updated 14:00 - Cllr Driver has now reported the matter to the police as a 'homophobic hate crime' and has a crime number. Deafening silence on the subject still,  from Labour leader Clive Hart, Cabinet member, Cllr Michele Fenner and of course our 'Equalities and Diversity Champion', Cllr John Worrow)

James Maskell reports on his weblog, that the now rather awkward relationship between Cllrs Harrison and Driver intruded into the evening's Scrutiny Committee business. He writes: "We started off with a statement from Driver in his role as Chair asking Harrison to remove himself as Vice-Chair."

After taking a quick photograph of Westgate's Councillor Tom King yesterday, it occured to me that he bears a distinguished and passing resemblance to the character of 'Mr Bridger' in the original of the movie, 'The Italian Job', with Michael Caine: "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

With yesterday's funeral of my colleague, Cllr Brian Goodwin, the political gloves are about to come off as Westgate becomes a pivotal seat in a council with no overall majority. The controlling Labour minority looks increasingly ragged and riven as each weeks passes. I'm told that UKIP started leafleting two weeks ago and even Worrow's TIGs have ambitions to spread their influence beyond Birchington.

At the last local elections, readers may recall the last ditch effort by the opposition to prevent me winning a seat in Westgate by the simple expedient of delivering letters to homes, alleging that I was guilty of every character flaw and vice you might possibly imagine, short of  public devil worship. It very nearly stopped the election as a gross breach of the rules but actually appeared to win more votes in my favour.

Whatever the final results of the by-election, I'm sure it will give us plenty to talk about for weeks to come!

Lastly, I've been asked to let people know of Horace's  sponsored 'Summer Stroll' for charity on 22nd July. Please see the poster below.


Tim Clark said...

Seems strange that Cllr Driver doesn't appear to have complained to the police yet. Maybe he really believes the hacking story; maybe he knows that it's the elusive Mr Fox at his tricks again.

Disgusted from Birchington said...

Oh dear ,oh dear it looks like the Labour /TIG honeymoon is over,where is Worrow at this moment doing his disappearing act as soon as it "gets hot in the kitchen"?.As Leader of TIG it seems Driver is the high profile member/leader.
Hart is starting to realise that he has a viper in his bosom commonly known as the "lesser spotted TIG Viper" it is poisonous and very loud, but shy of crowds so Birchington Residents are unlikely to see it.
Time for the Labour Group to realise what they have done and remove the TIG influence and dare I suggest their Leader for his relationship with TIG which is now harming his Group but more importantly the future of Thanet.

Anonymous said...

Good point, Tim, but maybe Driver has worked it out that if Mike is forced from office and the Conservatives win the vacant Westgate seat, the balance of power could shift again. Then his power base and nice little earner go out the window.

What a sordid world Thanet politics has become, but I suppose we expected nothing else from Hart's leadership. Not exactly the stuff of generals.

Anonymous said...

Tom you are having a laugh Hart as a General, soldiers would not follow him even out of curiosity!.

Anonymous said...

9:46 , You are right as a Birchington South voter and Resident,I am ashamed to say that I voted for Worrow, he came round with his Conservative manifesto, his Blue Rosette, and I trusted and believed him. Little did I know that he would betray me and all the other people who voted for him, because we wanted a Conservative administration, which he promised us.
As soon as he was elected he brought down the Conservative administration and set himself up in his own Party worse still he formed an alliance with Labour and votes with Labour on all issues in Council.
This was a betrayal of us all and now when we want to question him he refuses to attend the meetings.He should be ashamed of himself.He is trying to blame other people for his shortcomings, it won't wash , do the decent thing resign,if not, we will have to start a petition to have you removed

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46, I actually said "not the stuff of generals." Clive is barely bedding store corporal material and, in any case, he would have been discharged with his bad back before he got that far.

simon moores said...

Could 18.43 rephrase the standards committee decision on Mike Harrison please without using 'hateful'

Anonymous said...

Cllr Mike Harrison has been found guilty by the Standards Committee of bringing the council into disrepute for making mysoginist comments on his blogsite earlier this year. He has been ordered to apologise. He has recently denied posting homophobic comments about ex-Labour colleague Ian Driver. There may be a balance of probabilities issue here unless Harrison can prove his facebook page was hacked

Anonymous said...

Breaking news Cllr Ken Gregory cautioned by the Kent Police for leaving hompophobic message on Cllr John Worrow's phone. How will the Tories respond? What do you think Simon. Having a police caution for for a hate crime must surely be against your Party rules? Tell us what you think should he go or should he stay? Clive Hart may have to make a similar decision soon. What you Tory bois do should set the standard for the labor

simon moores said...

I've nothing on this serious allegation at the moment and if when I do, I will make sure that an appropriate response is made. I can't see it anywhere else but I'm publishing it to show proper transparency in the event it is verified.

Anonymous said...

Simon when or if the Cllr Gregory issue is stood up Thanet Tories will have an opportunity to act as leaders and set the standard for dealing with members who allegedly break the rules/ law in relation to homopohbia, rascism, sexism. Clive Hart has responded miserably in relation to allegations about Cllr Mike Harrison. I heard that Cllr Bayford's statement read out at Scrutiny was quite good. This is a chance to take the high ground and make Labour look weak

Anonymous said...

Simon now is the time to act decisively. Gregory has broken the law and he must go! In the next week or 2 Hart is likely to face a similar problem regarding allegations about Harrison. You can now set the standard and expose him for being soft on homophobia if he fails to act.

simon moores said...

I'm aware of this now and Bob Bayford is will be issuing a statement and press release imminently which reflects the Conservative Group position and action to be taken.

Anonymous said...

The BBC confirm that a Kent councillor has been cautioned for leaving a homophobic voicemail message and the report names the offending person.

Sadly I feel the councillor should go although I accept that there is actually no mechanism for forcing him to leave the council. The Conservative party, at least, should require his resignation if it is not to be seen to be practising double standards.

Whatever ones views about the nature of the message, the utter stupidity of a councillor leaving such, particularly on that phone, must raise questions about his suitabilty for office. He might have known that the recipient in this case would go to the police and, if he didn't know he could then be traced, he deserves the ending to his political career that should be the result.

The mire in which Thanet politics wallows gets ever deeper and it is time for the decent councillors to stand up and be counted. Whoever said the Conservatives here have an opportuinty to set the standard is right. I accept Worrow with his behaviour, jibes and claims of homophobia has driving some close to the brink, but we should be above all that nonsense. Leave that all to the TIGs.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Bayford's statement is a good one and shows what can and should be done when you want to. Compare and contrast with Harrison and Hart!!