Friday, April 06, 2012

On Royal Sands

Cabinet yesterday evening but as it was on on 'pink' I can't say much about it beyond the subject, The Royal Sands development on the old Pleasurama site.

The Gazette's Thomas Brown sauntered in and sat down before the meeting started and had to be reminded politely but firmly, that the public and press were excluded. 'It doesn't matter' he said a little too smugly, 'I've got the papers anyway.'

This rather begs the question of who may have passed these confidential, commercially sensitive documents to the press and why but that's a council matter to resolve.

Our Leader, Clive Hart, introduced the evening by treating us with a short lecture. Unlike his predecessors, he told us, he was 'decisive' and didn't dither. 'What about Margate football club then' quipped Bob Bayford. Clive ignored this and carried on steaming ahead into unknown waters, much like the Titanic, telling us that he sees things in his office that people wouldn't believe. Whether he meant John Worrow or even the Easter bunny, wasn't quite clear, because some of us had tuned-out by then and our Leader suffers from a sense of humour deficit.

So, leaving out the contents of the meeting for reasons of confidentiality, I can reveal that 'decisive' Leader Clive did exactly what he did with the football club and kicked the topic back to a future Cabinet meeting following more reports.

Now you might think I'm unkind and politically biased but if our 'Leader' was in any sizeable business, even a junior manager, rather than being serially 'retired' for over a decade, on a disability pension, he simply wouldn't survive. Democracy is indeed a wonderful thing and here in Thanet we can see, only too clearly that local politics can thrust individuals with remarkable personal ambition but with little or no experience, qualification or indeed basic management skills, into positions of great influence over our lives. Historically, that can be true of any party but here on the island today, we have it with bells on.

Anyway, more fun to come in May where there is now talk of making Clive's new best friend, John Worrow chairman of the council in order to keep Clive and Labour in office with an independent casting vote; given that the Conservatives will remain one-down with Cllr Goodwin in hospital recovering from a serious operation. Parliament has Bercow and we may yet get Worrow. You couldn't make it up!

In the video below you can watch a much more politically astute Nigel Farage, 'seeing off' John Worrow, who boldly introduced himself as 'The Leader of the Independent Group' which sounds awfully important. I suspect Cllr Tom King might take issue. This subject of gay marriage of course has little or nothing to do with being a Birchinton local councillor and as Nigel Farage points out politely and firmly, he knows Peter Tatchell and rather more about the subject than John Worrow does.

On a completely different subject, 'Molly's the new tapas and wine bar in Westgate has had its license granted and will be having a grand opening this month, on the evening of the 14th. I'm really pleased to see another business open here in such difficult times and Station road free of empty shops, although there is one vacancy, right at the end of St Mildred's road, now the nail bar has moved to Birchington.

Finally, I understand a meeting took place on Wednesday of the 'Birchington Community Partnership' group. It was not clear whether this was a private or public meeting but I'm told via Bernard la Roche that a member of the public, Brian White, was thrown-out, after being verbally abused by one of our District councillors. I'm further informed that a mobile phone recording was made of the incident, which I'm trying to get hold of. Here's one they did earlier.


John Holyer said...

Thank you Simon. I thought it was just me that saw some of our Councillors as incompetent.

Birch Tree said...

Please say this another April fool - you cannot be serious! Surely even Clive Hart cannot stoop so low to hold onto the leadership! Please, please someone tell me how, as a Birchington resident, I can start the ball to get Worrow out!

Anonymous said...

You do know Worrow had a secret meeting last night with his followers ...... I think I counted 4!

Anonymous said...

Blimey, Clive must be really desperate to hold onto the leadership. Still if Labour allow this idiot as chairman, they can kiss goodbye to ever getting in control of the council again. Labour are making themselves a laughing stock - we need Iris Johnson as Labour leader, she wouldn't put up with this rubbish!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Worrow's performance on Tony Flaigs you- tube link? You can't have this moron as Chairman of our council!!!!!!

simon moores said...

Not an April Fool's joke I'm sorry to say. I'm contemplating emigrating to Peru!

Anonymous said...

I found this on the Government website,surely worrow is not obeying at least two of these.



Holders of public office should act solely in terms of the public interest. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves, their family, or their friends.

Holders of public office should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their official duties.

In carrying out public business, including making public appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, holders of public office should make choices on merit.

Holders of public office are accountable for their decisions and actions to the public and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office.

Holders of public office should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions that they take. They should give reasons for their decisions and restrict information only when the wider public interest clearly demands.

Holders of public office have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their public duties and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects the public interest.

Holders of public office should promote and support these principles by leadership and example.

These principles apply to all aspects of public life. The Committee has set them out here for the benefit of all who serve the public in any way.

Anonymous said...

If only we had kept a couple of colonies to escape to, Simon, I might join you in the emigration bit, but not Peru.

Sadly we seem to have a nothing government, a nothing local council and a world driven by minority interests and carpet baggers. Here in Thanet it is a gay agenda whilst elsewhere with Galloway and Livingstone it seems to be an Islamic one.

What ever happened to the interests of the greater majority or are we only of value when the country needs cannon fodder.

Mind you they do try for our votes with their releases and I was interested to read how much the present government have done to reduced immigration over the last one. Where exactly, for you could have fooled me or did I actually miss the one they stopped coming in last year!

Michael Child said...

Nice picture of Ramsgate Harbour Simon, have you got an up to date one of the royal sands you could put up too, I have been looking at literarily hundreds of historical pictures of this part of Ramsgate recently, including many aerial ones, in an attempt to work out which bits were constructed when and an up to date one would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

9.45 - this includes the word 'principles'...... not in Worrow's vocabulary!

Gordon Bennett said...

9.45 great find. Let me see ,Worrow and the seven principles.
1) selflessness - fail. Gained title Diversity Chump by selling his vote in exchange.
2) Integrity - fail. LGBT link influencing performance of duties ( and don't start that homophobic rubbish again - a link to any organisation that influences is wrong)
3) Objectivity - fail. Does not make choices on merit, but who agrees with him.
4) Accountability - fail. Pushed over an older gentleman at a meeting and got away with it by saying me was a member of the public, not a councillor ( I thought they were always on duty).
5)Openness - fail. Misled everyone by lying about being a Conservative, just to get elected. Lord knows there was no other way he would get in.
6) Honesty - fail. Certainly wasn't honest when he joined the Conservative party and is not taking any steps to protect the public interest now....unless he's going to resign.
7)Leadership - fail. Not supporting these principles by leadership or example.......after all only leader of two!

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why Worrow never attempts to debate via blogs or Facebook - he can't! Embarrassing, even for those that support his views.

simon moores said...

You will see I have added another of my aerial photos to keep Michael Child happy!

Anonymous said...

If your not careful the Glove Puppet will end up running Thanet with Sober Jack as his equally well paid sidekick.

Defensive Driver will control the whole disaster from his secret underground HQ only surfacing to bank his huge allowances for doing sod-all!

simon moores said...

11:47, Cllr Driver doesn't hold an Special Responsibility Allowance and I would be surprised if he took one?!

Anonymous said...

Cllr Driver doesn't hold an Special Responsibility Allowance. And I would not be surprised if he took more than one!!

Michael Child said...

Thank you Simon it is most gracious of you, I have had quite a time of it peering at old pictures, trying to work out which bit of the sea defences there was built when, because the council documents don’t go back that far. A modern aerial picture is a great help in confirming which parts haven’t changed.

With the council’s pinks, these are secret documents and not gay councillors for those who may read this and are unfamiliar with councilspeak, I would say this is a “one all” situation politically, as the ones relating to the Conservative cabinet meeting, three years ago, to change the Royal Sands development agreement also leaked out then.

My guess is that this is a problem associated with the digital age, the camera on my phone – for instance – has a setting for copying documents, before one considers the council’s history of ITC.

Obviously with the leakages it has become commoner knowledge that once again the underlying problems relate to funding the project, as I think they always have.

I have tried to look at this in a crystal ball type of way and consider the next steps, if the council helps with the funding by handing the freeholds to the developer earlier, so that he can use their security to help with the funding and the developer is able to continue building the development, what the next financial obstacle will be.

My guess is this will be when people try to obtain mortgages to buy apartments in this new build development, built in an environment agency designated high risk flood zone. I think the building societies will want to see the flood risk assessment before lending them the money.

So perhaps some arrangement in the new development agreement that would ensure the developer obtains one would be beneficial all round.

John Holyer said...

Tom Clarke,

You are contemplating a colonial refuge. Well among others we have, Pitcairn, Tristan Da Cunha, Cayman Isles, BVI, Falklands, Gibraltar and more. Then of course there is Thanet. An intelligent Colonial Governor would sort this lot out.

Disgusted from Birchington said...

Simon what a depressive blog, I truly do not know how Worrow can show his face ,yet at the recent meeting in the Seaview called by Cllr La Roche, who seems on course to set up an alternative to the Parish Council, aided and abetted by guess who? yes its Worrow . A member of the Public who tried to attend was screamed at by Worrow and ordered to leave with threats of calling the Police.
Oh dear oh dear, Yew Tree Resident time to get the Residents behind you.Worrow as Chairman, what a joke if Hart agrees that he signs the death knell of Labour.Simon I think Peru is on the cards I am just off to Thomas Cook!!

Anonymous said...

John, not really into small remote islands and had something more like Rhodesia, pre Zimbabwe, in mind. Sadly those days are gone forever, but, if the Yanks move out, I might try Diego Garcia. Right sort of latitude.

Mind you, the Seychelles would have been great if we had not rather stupidily given them away. You don't see the Americans walking out of Hawaii and they have even still got their half of Samoa.

We just give everywhere independence and then let them all come and live here. We should have just swapped a couple of places for this mud island and all switched over.

Dream on, eh.

Ian Driver said...

Simon and the less than savoury contributors to this blogsite please be advised that what you are posting about John, I and equal mariage is pushing the bounds of acceptability.

Please follow this link to Stonewall's guidance about homophobic abuse, written i belive by Peter Tatchell. Consider what it says and modify your comments accordingly

Tim Clark said...

My God, isn't Driver boring?

Anonymous said...