Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Margate Mirage

Visible to anyone looking out to see as I write this, the cold air having a lens effect and creating a mirage which appears to show the Essex Array windfarm, as close as the Thanet and Whitstable arrays, when it should be invisible and well-below the horizon at twenty miles away.

Look directly north from Margate, Westbrook or Westgate. Click on the photo to expand it to full size to see the atmospheric effect clearly.

Keen-eyed observers might also spot a camel and some palm trees if they try the experiment looking south from Dover.


Michael Child said...

A long observed phenomenon in Thanet Simon, the first scientific publication about this was in 1798 by Samuel Vince who observed and sketched images of ships seen across the English Channel from Ramsgate. His sketches clearly show simultaneous inverted and upright images.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointed, especially having regard to the price and scarcity of petrol, for I drove over to the clifftop beyond Dover, looked south but saw neither camels or the pyramids. Did see Clive Hart doing the same thing nearby so he obviously reads Simon's blog aswell!

Michael Child said...

In these instances Tom the truth is usually far stranger than any fiction The Samuel Vince story is quite true and like something out of Terry Pratchett Vince was at Caius College, Cambridge where in 1775 he was recorded as being Senior Wrangler.