Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little Sunday Politics

Ramsgate I see, is featured on today's BBC Sunday Politics Show with coverage of the live animal exports dilemma.

If I'm honest, then I think the BBC missed some vital questions and in particular with the interview of the representative from the National Farmer's Union. I don't believe that any reader would agree that a flat-bottomed, ancient Russian tank landing craft, taking seven hours to cross the Channel in a gale, with its crated cargo of animals exposed to the elements, is in any way comparable with an equivalent lorry journey from the farm of origin.

Cabinet member Michelle Fenner popped-up for interview but nobody in the Council press office appears to have explained to her that the BBC, rather annoyingly for politicians, deals in soundbites of eleven seconds or less. (See video)  It's best to prepare that vital sentence before you go on camera or the opportunity is wasted.

So it looks as if the animal export controversy will continue to go around in circles and the hand-wringing will continue under Labour, who have discovered that being critical in opposition is far easier than being in political control.

Over on the new Thanet Independent Group weblog, the entertainment never ends and I now read I have been retrospectively promoted to Sandy Ezekiel's 'Right-hand man'.  As a junior Cabinet member, I wasn't aware of this honour two years ago, when he was Leader of the Council but thanks for thinking of me!

I wonder if I get a little 'Mr Men' badge with the title on?


1 o'clock Rob said...

El Presidente over at TIG doesn't like me... or more accurately what I have to say and refuses to allow any of my comments to appear on his blog.

I see he has also.. or should I say his agent (really? who does he think he is? Bob Monkhouse or one of the Krankies?) edited the previous post to add more "damaging" information highlighting the rampant homophobia from the Conservative element of TDC! NOT.

Does anyone actually take him seriously? To paraphrase a member of Birchington who didn't vote for him last time "The saying is that every village has an idiot, only in Birchington would one get elected".

Michael Child said...

Simon interesting photo of Ramsgate and quite a few changes since it was taken, could you kindly tell me the date you took it?

I don’t think anyone much disagrees that the live exports from Port Ramsgate should stop, the reasons for stopping them vary a bit and ideas on the method of stopping them vary a lot.

I gather you favour the, through the proper channels of government method, has there been any progress on that front?

simon moores said...

2005 I think Michael

Lots of talk but no immediate progress from the sounds of it

simon moores said...

Yes I noticed that Jim Nock's email has been edited too. Also readers may not be aware that someone started posting as "Jim Nock" on Michael Child's weblog on Friday morning and he kindly removed these as Jim doesn't do weblogs. I wonder though who was using his name? In any event, I see I'm now being called a liar on the TIG weblog, which is not the kind of language used in polite company and certainly not by aspiring politicians with any common sense. Just to remind people who don't know. Where you might wish to stand as a candidate is one thing but it's the party executive that determines the ward and not the candidate. Secondly, election materials are strictly controlled and have to be accounted for within an expenses limit and require the agent's imprimatur. A candidate can't simply print his own materials announcing that Conservative Party policy embraces a personal interest in stray cats etc etc if you know what I mean!

James Maskell said...

For those who haven't seen the equal marriage webcast but might want to know what happened, I changed my mind last night about transcribing it and will have it published as soon as.

Anonymous said...

Think you have mis-read the bit about you being the right hand man Simon.

simon moores said...

That's curious, has it changed since yesterday along with other bits and pieces.

Michael Child said...

Simon, sorry about this I think my eye was off the ball yesterday, which bits was it that changed?

James, good on you, a lot of hard work, for I guess not any return, I for one would find a transcript much easier, the video quality is so poor that it is difficult to tell who is who and who is saying what without considerable concentration.

simon moores said...

There's been some editing as others have reportedly observed but haven't been tracking the changes and I'm just as guilty, adding new images, correcting errors etc. Blogs are always work in progress!

simon moores said...

I'm not aware that Birchington Parish Council has wards.. can someone enlighten me please in the light of Cllr Worrow's comments below. I always thought he lived in Westgate until quite recently?

As I wrote earlier.. any candidate is given a ward by the executive committee. He or she can show a preference but it's not their decision.

"This appears to be yet another very right wing smear campaign.
Having represented Birchington North ward, for a number of years as a parish councillor, and lived in Birchington most of my life, I have a strong personal vote in the area, this is why NTCA democratically voted for me to represent this ward."

James Maskell said...

One of the amendments was "(standards)" being changed to "Standards Board" in the Jim Nock email. If he is quoting verbatim from the email, why is he later adjusting the language within it?

Ian Driver said...

One O' Cock Rob please avoid references to villiage idiots. This term is one of abuse which is generally directed towards people with learning disabilites. It's just as offensive as the term "mong" or "spazzer". These words are not funny. they are incredbibly hateful, and hurtful. Please come with me to the Foreland school and vist my daughter's class. I suspect that you will be less inclined to use ofensive remarks like village idiot again once you have seen young people with downs syndrome, autism etc. Or have I mistakenly credited you with too much humanity? Also Simon you as the contoller of this blog need to pay more attention to the content of the posts. As a prominent councillor you have a responsibility to ensure that your blog does not promote or encourage opnions and views contrary to the equality requirements of the Code of Conduct for memebers. Please regard this comment as word to wise.

simon moores said...

Ian.. I'm afraid the code of conduct for 'memebers' doesn't appear to mention village idiots, which is a colloquialism.

Sadly, if you had your way freedom of speech in any form or indeed a sense of humour would be a criminal offense.

While I can't endorse the low regard many people in Thanet may have for you of Cllr Worrow, I am prepared to let them express themselves within the law.. that's our law and not the one you keep making up so freely to suit your own purposes.

Ian Driver said...

Actually Simon I was gifted with an excellent humour. You will not appreciate the larfs I have had in seeing you rise to the bait time after time on recent issues. Was I not a vegetarian with misgivings about angling I think i would say I have succesfully played you like a fish over these past few weeks.

But seriously all your bluster about free speech is utter nonsense which betrays a total lack of respect for other people. You would no use offensive racist or mysoginst words in your everyday speech. Nor would you use homophobic words. So why is OK to use words which are offensive and hurtful to people with learning disabilties.The fact that the Code does not mention village idiot does not mean you can use it, In the fact the Code does not list any offensive words. As a mature local leader you are supposed to use your judgment and that means seeking guidnace and listneing to others. So Simon I suggest you contact MENCAP and ask them if village idiot is offensive to learning disabled people.
Contrary to ridiculous suggestion that I am curtail free speech I am merely suggesting that people show more respect to others. As usual Simon you are on the wrong side of the argument. Changing social attitudes will soon show how out of touch you are

simon moores said...

What's next Ian are you going to ban Christmas? Just because you instantly take of offense it doesn't mean that others do. I'm really surprised you reached adulthood with such sensitivity to so many causes and so little time!