Friday, April 13, 2012

Ice Cream & Coffee

Before I go and buy the local paper; someone has to I suppose, I wanted to jot down a few housekeeping announcements for Westgate. So if you aren't lucky enough to live here, my apologies and my next story will be along soon!

As a gentle reminder to at least two of our local headline-hungry independent councillors on what the role of a local district councillor actually involves, the public meeting to discuss Sainsbury's building a supermarket at Hundreds Farm on the Canterbury Road, will take place on this coming Monday evening at 7pm. The Carlton Cinema have very generously allowed us to use their large theater which seats up to 300 people, with the added bonus of refreshments and ice cream available on the way in.

As this meeting involves inviting both Westgate and Birchington residents, there's always a chance we may not have enough room to accommodate everyone and because of fire regulations and capacity, entry will be on a 'first come basis'. The cinema will be opening at 6:30pm and so I recommend that people arrive early to be sure of a good seat.

There will be a microphone to allow people to ask questions but I also recommend that you write any question you might have on a piece of paper and pass it to me as chair, on the stage and I can read it out. Please include your name and town on it.

Last evening, there was a small meeting of traders in Westgate to discuss the supermarket application, chaired by Reg Bell and afterwards, Councillor King and I walked down to the private opening evening of the new Molly's Bar in Station Road.

Lorraine (pictured) the new owner, has done a wonderful job of creating a cosy, coffee, licensed wine and tapas bar in Westgate and the public opening is on Saturday.

Molly's has free internet WiFi and is next-door to the men's hairdresser and Stelios, 'Stevie' there, is delighted because his customers can buy a coffee or a capuchino while they are waiting for a haircut and sit at the tables outside on a nice day.

At the opposite end of the village, now that Morena's nail bar has moved to the dizzy painted metropolis of Birchington, I see a sign has already gone-up for an Italian ice-cream bar and so in a very short space of time, Westgate is suddenly becoming rather chic and I'm delighted to see such entrepreneurial spirit in difficult times.

I'm also reminded the that new Strength Youth Cafe will be opening on thursday April 19th at 7pm. ( St John Ambulance building, Cuthbert Road, Westgate. Please do let any 13-19 year olds in the local community know!!


Tony2 said...

Free ice cream that will pack it out.

Anonymous said...

Meantime parking charges in Broadstairs are to rise by about a third, presumably to fund the free parking time in Ramsgate and Birchington.

Is that island wide democracy or a case of punishing those Tory voters
by the Labour minority administration. They had already screwed up our New Year fireworks and clobbered our new community centre.

Anonymous said...

9.26 ..and according to today's Gazette for a parking choice that don't even want in Birchington!

1 o'clock Rob said...

As I mentioned yesterday via Twitter Simon Westgate is getting quite continental!

Good luck to all at Molly's (where I must go for coffee and tapas (and free WiFi)) and the kids can have ice cream from Piero's for the walk back home.

Anonymous said...


You went to the Private openning of Molly's Tapas Bar, you didn't say what you ate, what you recommend trying.

Was it really that un-inspiring that you cant share what your taste buds experienced?

Surely Not!

simon moores said...

I wasn't attempting a Michelin guide review but I had a very nice plate of salami, a coffe, some bread and olives before I had to run up the road for the traders's meeting at 7pm

Anonymous said...

I applaud that you went back to Molly's today for a quick bite Dr M, instead of your quick munch and run last night.

I had the spicy peppers stuffed with goats cheese, it was really nice. a lovely snack. Lovely fresh ingredients, Very friendly staff.

I know I'm a bit old fashioned and will probably get shot for saying this, it's a pritty hip and trendy place to hang out. Very modern and well presented.

A customer asked me if I owned Molly's, obviously I replied no, but who ever owned Molly's should be able to go home with their head held high as it's a wonderful little place to hangout at.

Defineately need to go back and try more dishes.


simon moores said...

Very enjoyable lunch and Perroni beer in the sunshine too! Excellent value too!