Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Comic Strip

Although I have reservations over offering the oxygen of publicity to the two local councillors engaged in a local gay marriage campaign, being bought before Council next Thursday, I did think that it was only fair that readers could have the option of hearing from them in this video and draw conclusions of their own.

Admittedly, it's from the same incisive local, left-wing, production company that gave us equally thrilling reports on 'Occupy Thanet', 'Occupy Turner' and let's not forget 'Thanet Strike' and unlike most news reports, there are no audience shots at all, strongly suggesting that the three speakers were addressing a near empty room. This is however still a democracy or here in Thanet or it was until quite recently and I'm sure we will hear much the same fevered rhetoric again next Thursday evening now the independents have had their rehearsal.

Amid the fiery anti-Gale rhetoric, Cllr Driver refers to hate-filled homophobic blogs calling for 'Cllr Worrow to be hung' but if I read the offending comment on BigNewsMargate correctly, that's before it was subsequently removed by Tony Flaig, under pressure from Cllr Driver, the implicit meaning was that hanging should be reserved for political idiots making daft policy statements and if this were true, the Liberal Democrats, might have even less Parliamentary seats than they do already.

Many of us will remember the very popular early 90's TV comedy series, 'The Comic Strip' and if you haven't watched the classic 'Strike' about Arthur Scargill and the miners then you have missed both a treat and a lesson on how politics, here in Thanet, struggles to move on from what are seen by some of us, as the glory days of several of our socialist councillors. The common link to Mr Scargill's campaign, is of course none other than Cllr Driver but I won't spoil your enjoyment if you choose to watch it to remind yourself of happier times..

And finally, Cornwall Council has reportedly told its schools that pagan beliefs, which include witchcraft, druidism and the worship of ancient gods such as Thor, should be taught alongside Christianity, Islam and Judaism. I can feel an independent motion coming on to debate this important matter at the next meeting of the Council in May.


Anonymous said...

This is just a preview, I was there and was told that rest including the bit from Iris Johnston and the bit from Gay church will be shown in the film, that can be seen in Westgate and Broadstairs picture houses over the summer. There were about 50 people there, not all gay.

simon moores said...

No Peter Tatchell then?

Wonder what side of the fence Iris was sitting on this time? Anyone know?

Tim Clark said...

If there were 50 there they didn't agree with much that was being said! I would put the number applauding at no more than 2 or 3, and one of them was probably the cameraperson.
If Iris had been there I can't imagine her not having a seat on the rostrum.
Do I detect the hand of The Campaigner and Head Internet Busybody in the first comment.

Tim Clark said...

Who was the person on Cllr Worrow's right who was so committed to the cause that she had to read her impassioned speech from a script?
Can't wait for the feature length film but stand by for a Michael complaint because it's not being shown in Ramsgate.

Anonymous said...

If it is a Red Hall anonymous poster, they have previous for over estimating turnouts. I was at one of their demos in Pierremont Park against the community centre. There were about 30 people including children and the usual transient tree huggers, but they claimed 80 in their press release.

On this one it is not without significance that there are no shots of the audience and only small, barely audible, ripples of sound.

After all the publicity on this meeting and all the claims being made of majority support, it should have been packed to bursting.

Anonymous said...

Tom buy your ticket and see the film and you will see how wrong you are!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Looks like the pilot for what would be an hilarious tv sit-com. Any suggestions for cast members? Shame Wilfrid Pickles, Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques aren't still around.

Michael Child said...

Tom, Tim, Simon, you don’t think the local Conservatives ought to be taking some sort of initiative here and posting the odd film on the internet too, do you

simon moores said...

You must be 'having a larf' Michael!

Michael Child said...

Not really Simon, we have had a socialist hard copy periodical for a few weeks now, the Thanet Labour group have their own blog, various Labour Councillors and politically active local socialists are using FaceBook at the moment, and you have this and other examples of a socialist group putting video content onto YouTube.

Like most internet related activity this slowly starts to build an internet presence and at the bottom level reminds people that something exists, further along the line an audience develops and I guess that when people want a book or an aviation service in the local area then some of them may come our way.

Look at like this, some of the programming you use was written by, it doesn’t stop you from using it, because on occasions you disagree with my views.

If someone writes something that works faster, is more reliable, is more elegant etc. then I would expect you to use it instead, I certainly would, but if you used a worse program because you disagreed with me on another subject, you would soon be down to writing your own operating system.

So forget about your perception of my intention and just take it as advice from one geek to another.

Tim Clark said...

If there had been an audience they would have shown on the film. If this event had attracted even a couple of people attending then Cllr Driver would have been shouting it from the rooftops. Have a look on Twitter - silence. Nothing about the meeting; last tweet was yesterday and that was about live exports.
Come on a nonny mouse and prove us wrong - put a clip up showing the audience. Bet you can't.
Was the pink tinge accidental? Or was it supposed to be sepia?

Anonymous said...

Buy a ticket? Don't tell me people would pay to watch this rubbish?!!

Peter Checksfield said...

Michael, do you really believe that this video does them any favours?

Anonymous said...

Michael, the day the Conservative party sinks to the kind of propoganda that eminates from Thanet Labour is the day I leave it.

As for this ridiculous meeting and the suggestiun I should buy a ticket and see the film, I really have far better things to do with my time and money. If I had wanted to see the performance, I would have attended the live showing. At least there would then have been some background noise, of me laughing.

Latest example of Labour public relations, is one of their councillors going round Broadstairs telling traders that the 30% rise in parking charges is down to KCC. Must think we are all as dim as they seem to be.

Michael Child said...

Not certain about that Peter, what I am talking about is something else, which is a steady and sustained use of the internet at local council level by the Left side of the political divide that isn’t being complemented by the Right side of the political divide.

Of course at national parliamentary level the reverse is the case locally.

Partly my interest is personal, in as much as I would like local politics to develop much more along the lines of the people involved telling us what they want to achieve and engaging in some better dialogue with local people.

In terms of the internet I think it is Simon who is doing this the best in the area with this blog, this is primarily a personal blog that has taken on a blue tinge since Simon became a councillor.

On the whole I think local politics lends itself to the internet and I assume it will go much more that way, the airport consultation was an example of what I mean and considering this wasn’t a case of local people just answering a yes no question, but one where everyone had to write an individual email from scratch, the number who took part impressed me.

At the moment I wonder how many local people have any notion of the objectives of the local Conservatives, I don’t think in the circumstances just saying what is wrong with the independent group, the Labour group and local polices is sufficient.

Tom what you seem to be advocating is the politics of dignified silence, combined with undignified sniping, several Conservative politicians have been personal friends of mine over years, and seemed to think that they had different ideals to this.

simon moores said...

Michael... Delivering on last May's manifesto is part of the grand plan with a heavy emphasis on responsible and cost effective local government; spending within our means a concept quite alien to Labour and independent councillors

James Maskell said...

Confirming the attendance cant be too difficult (TW took audience shots). I was sat at the very back and I reckon no more than 40. For weeks of build up, it was a small turnout.

The letter wasn't hers. It was a reaction to Gale's comment.

I'm ashamed to say I've only just found the Gale statement (I don't get the Extra at home). While I don't agree with his stance on gay marriage (shocker!), the "militant homosexual" sentence is a valid point.

Funny thing is, reading Tatchell's previous statements on freedom of speech, I doubt he would agree with the way Worrow and Driver have handled bloggers over the past 5 months.

In fact Tatchell would go further than the motion coming before Council. He advocates opposite sex civil partnerships and religious gay marriages (with free choice for the church etc).

Anonymous said...

Michael, I don't think I need any lessons about undignified sniping from you. You have your agenda and I have mine, but at least I make no pretence about which side of the fence I am on.

Peter Checksfield said...

I'd rather no web presence at all than one where they tell us what they want yet refuse to discuss or even accept comments that disagrees with their point of view.

Michael Child said...

Simon but they haven’t put up council tax, blown the budget with crazy schemes and do seem to be delivering, maritime museum last week, Albion House and Westcliff Hall too apparently.

They also didn’t immediately grab the short term cash on offer for the Pleasurama site.

Obviously I only understand the Ramsgate issues in detail, so I am using them as examples, but I could probably access more details on other issues if you think they have handled them badly, this offer isn’t open to other commentators, so for instance bringing up the Broadstairs fireworks issue, won’t be reposted with why the organisers didn’t want to proceed with it.

Frankly this business with the same sex marriage issue that seems to be the Conservatives main subject of interest just isn’t washing, the national government have the moral imperative and for local Conservatives to argue against it on religious grounds without understanding the history, theology or textural basis of their argument is bordering on the barmy.

simon moores said...

Michael.. If you knew what I knew about the Pleasurama decision making process and why it has been deferred back to Cabinet again, you would not be coming up with such palpably uninformed comments. You see the world through a reclusive lens of your own making but others, with access to the relevant facts, see matters ather differently.

Michael Child said...

Simon, tricky area here, how do you feel about open government?

I have spoken to the senior officer concerned about the issue, read the tabled documents and assuming that you have done the same, I can’t see that they had any alternative, can you?

Are you saying that they should have followed officer recommendation and gone ahead on the existing heads of terms?

I also have the documentation relating to the previous cabinet meeting three years ago, where the cabinet of which you were part, decided not to determine the development agreement against officer recommendation, do you feel this was a good decision?

simon moores said...


Cabinet takes a collective responsibility for decisions and when this first appeared, as the most junior member, I expressed reservations. Subsequently and rather more forcefully, I expressed my concern again at elements of he detail at this last meeting and the subject is now referred back to a future Cabinet meeting.

As this item was on 'pink' I am unable to make further comment and will draw a line under the conversation. as this is without doubt your favourite topic and certainly off-topic here, I'm sure you will revisit it elsewhere, again and again and again.......!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just have to laugh at the apolitical Michael. Mentions all the good things he perceives happening under Labour in Ramsgate, but we mustn't mention the spiteful things happening to Broadstairs.

In case he does not know, it was not just the failure to sort out our New Year fireworks in time, but the blocking of the community centre at the last hurdle, after ten years hard work, and the increase of some 30% on our parking charges, whilst giving free parking times elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Tom - I think there is also a good chance we are all going to rue Friday 13th last when the agreement was signed for the Maritime Museum.

Anonymous said...

I've only recently started visiting Dr M's blog. Mainly as I have been dissapointed with him as a Thanet Councilor and representative of Westgate on Sea. When I've voted for him in 2007 and 2011, I was voting for the man, not the concervative party. Perhaps my expectations were to high which is the cause of my dissapointment. The man credited with the expression "Digital Divide" and an advisor and Technology Ambassador for the Prime Minister is what it said on the tin. I had high hopes with his experience, knowledge and contacts he would bring Thanet out of the dark ages and create a real reason Roger Gale's vision for the need for the high speed rail link to the capital. At the momment, niether have delivered so far, and Roger trying to force his Aryan belief's on others. I have lost all confidence in Roger Gale, and I'm wondering if I have made a mistake voting concervative all these years.

Tim Clark said...

1.30 = John Worrow again?

Ren Wood said...

Anon, not another mystical Conservative voter who is thinking of changing. You know I used to be a Labour voter before I saw the performances of the ones who wear the red rosette in Thanet.

Are you seriously suggesting that a group of councillors who have managed Thanet's budget prudently in recent years are suddenly not as good as Clive Hart, Mike Harrison and sundry other dinosaurs.

Thanks so much for the laugh. Really made my day.

Anonymous said...

@Tim Clarke

No I am not John Worrow, ask Dr M to check the IP address and OS from where I'm posting. He can confirm I am not John Worrow.

@Ren Wood

I made no reference to any budget, Clive Hart and Mike Harrison.
I vote for the person who I think can make the difference, not the red blue green smarties. ATM, Dr M is technically strongest to turn Thanet around.

Just dont understand why nothings happened yet.

Anonymous said...

See the psy-ops is alive and kicking around the blogsites, from the 74 year old Iris over on Thanet Press Releases, who lives next to two nice boys, to the wavering Conservative voter here at 1.30. Shame they are so obvious, but I suppose it brightens the day.

I'm with Tim on John Worrow for 1:30 and I see elsewhere someone made him the bookies favourite to be the venerable Iris. He sure gets around.

Michael Child said...

Simon the choice of subject was yours not mine and the distance into the pink you wish to venture your choice, I am sure I would mention it if you lost me or I found it difficult accessing the information. However back to the subject, which is essentially I think about how the council is performing with no overall majority, the impact of the two independent groups and looking for areas where this situation could be beneficial to the governance of Thanet.

I think my point here that on the whole the Conservatives haven’t adapted well to the situation is a valid one and one that needs investigation, in this instance you are the exception, inasmuch as you are prepared to engage in debate in an open forum.

I suppose the litmus test here is that the Conservative group are not in control and I would think it unlikely that they will gain control with their current structure and attitude.

Tom as I said the subjects for as it were going into the pink or even beyond were Simon’s choice and not open to anonymous posters like yourself.

However I would say that the ease with which people accept that government by spite is the normal in Thanet, and that places where the majority of councillors are Conservative will suffer under Labour and vice versa is very worrying.

Well Ren and others I am a local businessman, I don’t think you would have to understand advanced ip tracking to identify me. The majority of the adults in my family are educated to at least graduate standard, sciences, economics, languages type of thing, all of working age are working productively. My primary concern is trying to run an independent business in Thanet. I guess if the local Conservatives can convince me that they will make my business more viable then I will vote for them. If I think their main remit is revenge on Ramsgate and other predominantly Labour parts of Thanet I won’t.

Peter Checksfield said...

Changing the subject completely, I see that the part-time protesters are back - this time at the clock tower (must've been a bit too chilly for them to actually protest when I went past at 11 am though as the tents were firmly shut with placards laying on the floor outside them).

Anonymous said...

Michael, did not realise Simon's blogspot was not open to me nor was I aware of the academic excellence of your forefathers.

Being a humble soldier, largely begot of more humble soldiers, even if we do have a VC and several MiDs in the family, I apologise if I have not shown the due deference that your academic achievements demand.

I shall try to be more servile in the future.

Michael Child said...

Tom you humble servility while appreciated, one of my ancestors signed John Byng’s execution order for failing to engage the enemy, from what you say isn’t necessary. I think you have somewhat lost the thread of the thread here. I didn’t say you couldn’t comment here, just that I wasn’t going to discus the content of council documents that were not in the public domain with you here. By the adults in my family, I meant those who are alive, luckily the members of my family now deceased, don’t discuss local politics with me and their academic qualifications were mostly peripheral to their primary activity in life, which was going to interesting foreign places, meeting interesting foreign people and killing them.

Anonymous said...

Michael, if I had not lost the thread before I certainly have now. Not sure where I might be offending the 'pink' and, not being a signatory to the Thanet Secrets Act, do not think it applies to me anyway.

If anything, I was simply illustrating how different our experience of the new administration is in Broadstairs to what you seem to be enjoying in Ramsgate.

Tim Clark said...

Michael might be enjoying it but I live in Ramsgate as well and I don't notice any difference.