Friday, April 27, 2012

Bake & Ale Birthday

After a meeting with Westgate traders to further discuss the Sainsbury's planning application for Hundreds Farm, North Thanet MP, Sir Roger Gale and I wandered over to the first birthday party of the Bake & Ale House, Real Ale micro-pub, behind the Carlton cinema.

As you might imagine, the small bar was packed beyond bursting with local well-wishers and I promised to put-up the couple of photographs I took with my iPhone camera for people to download should they wish.

The first of these is Sir Roger with Peter, the owner.

I'm still suffering the after-effects of a glass of some rather strong cider and I'm having a little trouble typing, I think, I will pass on writing anything vaguely serious this evening and leave it for the weekend.

'Sir Roger' is off to Armenia next week to act as an observer their presidential elections, which I'm sure will prove interesting. I wonder if we might lend them a couple of our own independent councillors with presidential ambitions?


Michael Child said...

Sounds like it was probably cyder

Disgusted from Birchington said...

It would be better for Thanet to send the two independents with Presidential ambitions to Armenia permanently!

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan might be a better choice as under cover operatives.

A Ramsgate Tory said...

So much hubris on this blog regarding a local debate on gay rights only to find on the same blog that the local Tory MP is off to Albania to observe elections. You couldn't make it up.

Not sure who has more to learn about democracy, them or him. Actually I am sure, it's definitely him.

Let's hope he doesn't come back.

simon moores said...

Not quite sure what your point is as MPs frequently get sent off as election observers and that can't be such a bad thing for democracy.

It appears you are convinced that you are in the right about something or at least are not prepared to allow others to have their own opinions on gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

Why should a Ramsgate Tory (falls about laughing at the thought) concern themselves what Roger Gale is up to when you have the lovely Laura as your MP.

I would sign my self off as the Broadstairs Socialist but it would be about as believable as the blue rosette claimant from Ramsgate.