Wednesday, March 21, 2012

White Cliffs Down

Moving the subject away from the bizarre shenanigans of Thanet politics and independent politicians, for at least a day, a few photos for you to enjoy.

The first, taken when I was flying on Sunday morning, by my friend, Jim Bennett, is of the big cliff fall at Dover, which I'm sure you will agree is pretty impressive; more so when you happen to be looking down on the scene.

The second is from Rochester airport yesterday, when I had a look at a Cessna 152, a student pilot crashed on Sunday.

The pilot, was very lucky to climb out of the aircraft with nothing more than cuts and bruises and from the look of the airframe, it hit the ground very hard indeed, buckling the nose-wheel and the main undercarriage. It flipped on to its back, such was the force of the impact.

The aircraft is a write-off but happily the pilot wasn't.

The third photo, I spotted as I arrived home from a job at Dunsfold, yesterday evening; a banner for the wake of a young man killed by a hit and run driver last month.

Clearly the large teddy bear sitting on the front cowling is a symbolic message to the lady who owns the aircraft, likely from her boyfriend but what it means, I can't say.


Michael Child said...

Fantastic cliff fall picture Simon, I should point out that once you have expanded it you can right click on it select open in new tab and expand it again to see it full sized, this I think you will agree is worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...

the bit of the cliff on the right is next!