Friday, March 23, 2012

Sainsbury's- A Public Meeting on 16th April

There will be a public meeting to discuss the proposed Sainsbury's development at Hundreds Farm, taking place at the Carlton cinema in Westgate on Monday 16th April at 7pm.

Councillors, Westgate Residents' Association, Birchington Parish Council members, traders' representatives and residents are invited, as well as our Sainsbury's own representatives and Simon Thomas, the planning manager at Thanet District Council.

I have been asked to chair the meeting and the discussion will focus on the planning application, the benefits that Sainsbury's believe that a new store may bring and the shared concerns of community groups and local business in both Westgate and Birchington. Thanet Council's Simon Thomas will be available to answer questions on the detail and process of any planning-related objections to the development when it comes before the Council's planning committee in a couple of months time.

This will be an opportunity for members of the public to listen to a  presentation from the company and a more detailed briefing on the application and ask questions about the process.

The application plans Ref:F/TH/12/0220 can be found here (enter the reference number in the box) and the link to the Sainsbury's information site is here. Earlier articles on the subject are collected here.

You can also lodge your own comments on the application with Thanet District Council by following the same link. I would however ask anyone who does wish to use the form to contribute or object, please frame any remarks in terms of either, local economic impact, traffic or road safety issues on the Canterbury Road or other useful detail that might be judged as valid reasons under existing planning regulations. This would be very helpful.

N.B I have now managed t get an extension to the time period to submit any objections from the public to TDC democratic services to the end of April.


Cllr Alasdair Bruce said...

I have just left the protest against the proposed Sainsbury's at Westgate/Birchington. I was there as a District Councillor to gather opinions, in advance of the public meeting. Members asked me if it was true that as part of the planning application, an extra two sets of traffic lights are to be considered on the Canterbury Road, within a few hundred metres of the existing Westgate set.I have checked the online plans, and they are not clear on this point. However, if this proves to be correct, it widens the debate beyond the issue of the need for yet another supermarket, to that of a serious traffic congestion issue on one of our few artery roads out of Thanet. In turn, this could impact on a lot more Thanet residents than would first appear to be the case. I will endeavour to clarify this point with the planning department ahead of the public meeting.

Anonymous said...

The letter I have received from the Council after objecting states that letters of complaint etc must reach them by the 11th April. Surely the Public Meeting will need to be held before the cut off date? or can the Council Planning be asked to extend the date due to the contentious nature of this plan.

DrM. said...

I'm aware of the deadline date for objections to the development which seems far to early to be reasonable. I will work on changing this on Monday. I'm sure the other ward councillors will assist me in the same with the democratic services and planning departments at TDC.