Friday, March 09, 2012

A Puff of Smoke

It's all getting a little beyond me. Not only has Infratil put Manston airport up for sale and the iconic Richborough cooling towers are about to go up in a large puff of smoke but we have a new and second independent party of two, in Thanet, led by you-know-who

My thanks to the reader who sent in a link to the Sir Roderick Spode speech on YouTube. This makes a change from Life of Brian's 'Judean People's Front' sketch but I hate to say it not only are Spode's extravagant rhetorical gestures familiar but political life in parts of Thanet is now parodying PG Wodehouse comedy, rather more than the opposite!

Whether it be the characters of Spode or Brian, it's all becoming rather silly and says far more about people than politics.

Finally, I hear that the Sainsbury's application for Westgate will appear on the list of new planning applications next week. Once that happens, we can call a public meeting to discuss it, inviting both Birchington and Westgate traders and residents.

From what I can judge so far, a large proportion of residents are in favour of having a new supermarket on the Canterbury road to challenge the pricing stranglehold of the Co-Op in the villages but traders are quite rightly worried by the potential impact on footfall that this might cause. We need to remind ourselves, that any challenge to Sainsbury's has to be on planning grounds, citing planning law or local council policy and while I expect a heated debate, the arguments need to remain within a tight focus if anything is to be achieved by a public meeting.


Anonymous said...

Now due to the lack of any commitment by any Thanet Coucillor of any political persuasion you will be pleased to know that Travel Lodge has pulled out.

My congratulations go to the most selfish load of councillors in all of England.

Ren Wood said...

1:16PM, whilst I tend to agree with you about Thanet's councillors, with a few exceptions, Thanet's public are by far the biggest problem. Oppose everything and elect those that also promise to oppose.

Thanet's one real thriving business is language schools and these youngsters fly in weekly or fortnightly year round from all over Europe and beyond. Where to, well Heathrow or Gatwick of course. Yet there is no demand for a local airport!

Down on the Romney Marsh, in the middle of nowhere, they have an expanding airport. Not Thanet though because our catchment area is too small! What, in people or sheep?

You cannot blame the councillors if you ignore the people who elect them or, worse still, just do not bother to vote as long as the giro cheques keep coming and nobody mentions jobs.

Tim Clark said...

Ren. What were your views on John Prescott's plan for all those extrra houses in the area?