Sunday, March 04, 2012

Barking Jack Cohen

Is there a doctor in the house?

The recent antics of several of our independent councillors is giving me some cause for concern and I'm sure the same is true of the wider public.

This wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have a balanced council situation, where several, politically eccentric, individuals have a quite disproportional  influence on the lives of everyone living on the island.

Last week we had the spectacle of Cllr Ian Driver vs Cllr Mike Harrison, plastered all over Facebook and before that we had our new 'Diversity Champion' proposing the establishment of a corps of politically-correct blog wardens to 'police' the internet here in Thanet.

This evening we have another personal spat, Cllr 'Barking' Jack Cohen taking on Cllr Alasdair, 'Bearded' Bruce and from reading his widely circulated letter below, my first impression is that he must be having a laugh!

I should add here that Messrs Worrow and Cohen are Birchington councillors and so is Alasadair Bruce (Cons)and this all harks back to two independent double-act wanting free parking for the town in part exchange for the casting votes which switched the council from Conservative to Labour in December.

Jack Cohen writes:

"Dear Cllr Dr Bruce,

I have noted in your recent submission to the press appearing in "Your Views" that you address me as Mr Cohen , not Dr or Cllr as you always ensure is attached to your name.

You cannot plead ignorance as your reply relates to my recent press release that clearly states my professional and Cllr status.

I am not aware of the reason you call yourself Dr but I am sure you are unable to refute my credentials as shown on the General Dental Council National register.

Whatever, I consider your omissions as disrespectful, insulting and and demising. That may not be your intention but that is how it appears to me.

I do not wish to make this an issue that cost the community considerable expenses and rather than going to Standards at TDC I will give you the opportunity to publish an ungarnished ERRATUM in whatever paper you may have misrepresented me, the Gazette being the first that comes to mind. Naturally , I expect to see and agree to its content.

If I do not get confirmation of your concurrence by Wednesday 7th March 2012 I will take the alternative course of action."

Yours sincerely,
Cllr Dr Jack Cohen"

Alasdair Bruce's reply is given below but I really feel that with families needing food handouts from charities and people sleeping on our streets, the public expects more of their councillors. We have far more serious things to worry about here in Thanet and quite honestly, the prospect of spending public money on a standards investigation simply because Cllr Doctor Cohen, feels personally aggrieved, is distasteful in the extreme. What Dr Cllr Jack means by 'Demising', I'm not quite sure, as the dictionary definition is: "The end of existence or activity. termination." So perhaps he plans to leave us abruptly before the next council meeting; leaving Thanet's politicians breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Cllr Bruce replies:

"I note your comments below and would merely point out that I took my lead from your letter in the Gazette of the 24th of February 2012. To quote your letter:-

'Instead Mr Bruce opposed this resolution...........' and

'Now that Mr Bruce is no longer encumbered....'

If you still wish to take action now - please do, but be warned, I will take a counter action based on your earlier letter quoted from above."


Tim Clark said...

My word, a turncoat and a plonker. I have always felt that those that insist on others using their honorifics are actually sad repressives.
Councillor Doctor Jack Cohen needs to grow up a bit and remember that, as you say, there are far more important things to do than worry about what other people call him. To be honest, words fail me at times over the behaviour of some of the children that purport to look after the governance of this Island.

James Porter said...

I think you should both be 'doctored' - grow up!

Alasdair Bruce said...

I would just like to clarify that I have no intention of wasting public money on such pettiness. Any action I consider taking will be at my own expense.

Jon said...

Simon, Mr Cohen has some form at sending people daft or insulting messages - usually after partaking of cough mixture!


DrM. said...

Now now Jon.. I assume you mean he has a cough and no other implication, as I have an acceptable use policy here.

On another note and concerning Cllr Worrow, I just had the following email from a concerned Birchington resident:

Just to put you in the picture, we have received a Public Meeting notice delivered by Worrow to be held at the Birchington Centre on 8th March at 7.30 p.m. with the following Agenda:-

Free half-hour parking.
Say no to Sainsbury's.
Keep our day Centre Open.
Why is our Parish Council not fighting for us?
SOS Save Our Shops.
Christmas Light Alternative.

I understand that there are two BPC Councillors involved in this Birchington Community Partnership and am somewhat surprised that neither thought to mention this PUBLIC meeting at a very well attended BPC meeting last Monday!

I am similarly surprised that these two Councillors would appear to be criticising themselves by questioning their own Parish Council!

It was also clearly decided at that meeting that as soon as a Planning Application had been submitted by Sainsburys, a public meeting would be arranged for residents of Birchington and Westgate, at which the Consultative Company working for Sainsburys would be present.

What is going on?

Birch Tree said...

Simon - have you and the other Westgate and Birchington councillors been invited to this meeting? Or is this just another case of Worrow being selective in who he listens to? Just how many of us have been ignored on his old blog site when he didn't like the comments, don't suppose there is any chance he will listen this time either.

DrM. said...

Just found out about it from a Birchington resident!

Anonymous said...

Will this public meeting be to discuss "Diversity Wardens", or is that a different public meeting?

Michael Child said...

Simon I have wondered for some time if all of our councillors should be doctored.

James Maskell said...

For Gods sake! No ones going to take action because as ever its all talk.

As for Worrow, it's hung around longer than the dog poo at the Byron Avenue alleyway! We all know the score with him and nothings going to change that. If we believe in diversity then it means having Councillors like him...

Anonymous said...

Worrow just wants to be at a meeting he can completely control. He'd like to have control over at least one thing in his life.
In his delusional little world he thinks he'll be greeted by a clamouring throngs of supporters throwing rose petals at his feet and hailing him as the saviour of Thanet!
In reality (which he avoids at all costs) he is seen as a nothing, and an untrustworthy one at that.
He and sober Jack make an entertaining couple.

Anonymous said...

A perfect example of why some of us no longer have faith in ANY politicians, regardless of their party persuasions.
These petty little hissy fits are more appropriate to a school playground. It is not that many years ago that dentists started to call themselves 'Dr.' anyway - about the same time that their fees went ballistic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'll be going to the meeting and asking all the questions he refuses to answer online. I suggest others do the same.

Anonymous said...

It always seems that those that shout the loudest do the least. At least cllr Bruce gets on with being a councillor instead of spending his time talking about it. He has helped me in my situation several times - but has he had to tell the world about it - no. I didn't know until recently he was a doctor and he's never corrected me about it - get a life Cohen!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the last time Sober Jack actually did anything for his many cash allowances and the people who voted for him?

Anonymous said...

Cohen really messed up here, he obviously failed to remember that he'd addressed Bruce in exactly the same way.
Cohen out stumped, caught and bowled.

tony flaig bignews said...

Its not just the antics of independents your council colleague Chris Wells is hardly a shining example of good etiquette using what I consider a rather abusive term suggesting I happen to be a fawning servile sort of person.

Which is why after a couple of what I take to be qualified apologies had no choice but to refer the matter to KCC standards committee.

Anonymous said...

Of course you had a choice, Tony. Your choice was to refer the matter although you can be quite insulting to people who comment on your bog at times. Obviously what's good for the Wells is not good for the Flaig in this instance.

Birch Tree said...

A dentist being called doctor is a courtesy title only - if you look back to the 90s when it came in. So Cohen had to be taught to be a dentist and claims to be a doctor and -if I'm right- Bruce did a research piece of work - i.e original thought, to earn it. Just about sums up the difference, I think.

tony flaig bignews said...

8:35 to stand back and accept Cllr Wells can make insulting and untrue claims without challenging him, would be to accept his comment.

Chris Wells had the choice to accept his language was unacceptable without qualification.

Wells had the choice and from my interpretation, he didn't accept any wrong doing, merely acknowledging my offence. His choice not mine.

DrM. said...

Tony.. let's be fair and without mitigating anything Chris Wells may have said or written, if anyone is guilty of making derogatory and insulting comments on Big News, then it's you on a regular basis, giving as good as you get.

We all have to be tough-skinned as the last few years has shown.

tony flaig bignews said...

Do please enlighten us with a few examples Simon, if I've ever been personally abusive in a similar way.

I know you will struggle to find a similar example in which I indulged in direct and personal abuse of this sort.

Still do your best otherwise I suggest you withdraw that remark.

If you remember the time you mistakenly mixed up links in what appeared to be juvenile and derogatory way, I accepted your somewhat extraordinary explanation, updated my earlier comments which had been made in haste, and gave them a fresh and fair perspective.

You might also reflect on the title of this posting, which could be construed as rather intemperate.

DrM. said...

Have a trawl through your weblog Tony as I'm sure you will find enough to keep you busy and the rest of us amused for a while this sunny afternoon.

tony flaig bignews said...

Spring is coming and yes there are probably more important things to concern us all.

PS I take it, you can't find example on my site, to back your assertion.

DrM. said...

Hmmm... Let me see Tony!

You promote your blog with the sub title 'offending politicians since 2006'; and not infrequently describe politicians as 'cretins', or 'cretinous', 'stupid' or 'idiots.'

You are rather fond of using offensive adjectives when it comes to describing national Labour politicians and public service workers.

We shouldn't forget either, all those 'pompous, self opinionated councillors' you admire, me included!

I could go on but a cup of tea beckons!

Tim Clark said...

I used to enjoy BigNews Margate but I don't bother much now. It's become a bit boring to be honest, and Tony seems to get more and more bitter every time he posts.
All politicians, elected or not, need to have thick skins. Any that moan about personal attacks are clearly not in the right job. Cllrs Wells, Harrison, Worrow, Driver, Cohen and Bruce are just bringing the Council into even more disrepute than it enjoys already and Tony's increasingly difficult to read blogs are fast becoming a joke.
Dentists are not "Doctors". It is an honorific agreed by their Royal College (posh word for Union) back in the '90s. I also am allowed an honorific, which I rarely use, and should not use under any circumstances once I retire. Cllr Cohen, well-known turncoat and martyr to throat spasms, needs to reflect on how silly he is making himself look, and he and the Campaigner need to refelct on how their actions are affecting Birchington's image to the rest of the Island.

tony flaig bignews said...

Simon Clearly you cannot find a single example in which I have abused anyone, particularly not in the way, in which I believe Chris Wells has.

Yes offending politicians since 2006, not with abuse but facts and honesty, the post which Chris Wells recently found so contentious, concerned the lack of an honest and open inquiry into the abysmal state of affairs in Kent's child services.

"You are rather fond of using offensive adjectives when it come to describing Labour politicians" er yes and your problem is? Yes I know you've worked for most hues of the political spectrum, social democrats, Labour and laterly the Conservatives but maybe your more pragmatic

"pompous, self opinionated councillors" if the cap fits

Anyway I think I'll end this here, I do believe someone is playing politics here.

And Tim Clarke, entertain us some more with your insight, create your own blog,

Tim Clark said...

Why would I want to bother Tony when yours is so illuminating?

DrM. said...

There's plenty of material to amuse on Big News - like the rhyme - but the difference between us is that at least I try and employ a little satire and avoid calling people stupid or cretinous, however poorly I might think of them.

You take yourself far too seriously Tony.

Anonymous said...

Tony's just pi--ed because he didn't get elected as a Local Councillor!
Give him time.
The bitterness will subside and he'll get over the rejection and failure.

He might even get over his schooldays which have obviously traumatised him very deeply. Poor sausage!