Friday, February 03, 2012

Thanet GCSE School Results 2011

The Thanet Gazette carried a report on our local schools GCSE results today but my feeling was that it was delivered slightly out of context and so for clarity and future reference, I'm reproducing the BBC results table here.

It is, I feel, important to include two extra columns, the value added score: "A statistical measure of how well pupils are helped to progress from their starting point."

A score above 1,000 is better than the national average" and the percentage of pupils getting three A-levels or equivalent qualifications. Otherwise the significant performance differences between say the Charles Dickens which is NA and the Ursuline College which is 44,  is rather lost in translation. Click on the table to expand it.

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Anonymous said...

The reason that Charles Dickens has a NA against it for A levels is that it does not have a Sixth Form so surely no comparison can be made against the Ursuline on that score in any event! When it comes down to it though how many of the due to be abolished vocational equivalents that currently qualify as GCSEs have been counted in on each of the comphrensive schools scores to massage their figures together with those pupils who have been made to take GCSEs a year early to up the figures?