Sunday, February 19, 2012


To say the wind was a 'bit fierce' yesterday, was an understatement! I was blown over towards Burgess Hill to locate and take a close look, with a long lens, at a huge country house/estate that's been bought by a new singing sensation called 'Adele.'

"Who," I said blankly, not knowing much about such things since the days of Madonna, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet and having never watched a single episode of the X-Factor, I'm embarrassed to confess.

Anyway, it was a little hairy getting over there between squalls with nobody else adventurous enough to be airborne in the south of England by the silence on the radio. Coming back into Thanet at 3,000 feet, I set a personal record in my Cessna with a tailwind pushing me to 155 knots, which is over 160mph, a turn of speed I could get quite used to, covering the distance between Herne bay and Rochester in ten minutes.

Perhaps one day I might win the lottery and get to fly something a little faster still? A used Russian MIG 29 perhaps? Dream-on, as I would need to at least buy a ticket first!

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Anonymous said...

Individual buys new house - long lens snooping starts before she's even settled in. Nice. Good to see the media is getting full assistance (for a fee of course) so it can carry on intruding - or did Adele invite the aerial observations personally? Doubt it.