Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shutter Speed

Bitterly cold out there today and very few aircraft over the South-east as it's so windy.

I've been out doing my monthly photo survey of Essex scrap metal hoards and I thought I would share some photos for you, taken on the way home.

There's the chimney at Stoke, a million cars waiting to be loaded at Sheerness docks and of course Eastchurch prison on the isle of Sheppey, a long vacation spot that will be quite familiar to a number of Thanet's less community-spirited residents but rarely from above.


Anonymous said...

When you are next over Tilbury, how about a photo of the 'Ross Revenge' ?

Anonymous said...

Eastchurch prison should have more Thanet residents with those local councillors who have let down thier electors being at the front of the Q.

Mind you that would mean there will be no councillors left in thanet.

Good or Bad you decide.