Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Margate Jelly

I don't run that many event announcements but this one is, I think an interesting opportunity for home workers, small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs! The first Margate Jelly Group opens for business on 22nd February at Westgate Pavilion, Sea Road, Westgate.

The Margate Jelly Group is aimed at those who miss the interaction and buzz of the office. The new group aims to meet once or twice a month at a venue in Margate / Westgate. Just bring a laptop, some work and get the buzz of the office environment!

As I know the company's work in the social media space and our small town of Westgate is soon promised to be a BT Broadband 'superhub' location, I'm hoping to be able to lend my support to this really good idea, although I am scheduled to be somewhere else that morning.

Described by its founders as a casual working event where people come together to work for the day, Margate Jelly is being organised by local firm Speedie Consultants. According to Jason Hulott, a Director of the company: "Isolation is one of the biggest challenges of working from home. Jelly is a friendly way for home workers to get out of their home office for a change of scene, a good chat and a shot of inspiration."

Jelly is (allegedly!) named after the jelly beans that two New York freelancers were eating when they came up with the concept of Jelly Groups. Since the creation of Jelly in 2006, groups have sprung up worldwide – and the first Margate Jelly Group runs on 22nd February from 10am to 2pm.

This Jelly Group will cost £3 to attend, which goes to the venue. The Westgate Pavilion will provide seating, desk space and free wi-fi. Refreshments / a snack bar will be available if you want to stop by for lunch.

The idea of Jelly is that there is no pressure or obligation – you simply turn up to the venue as and when – and as often – as you want, with your laptop, and you are away, whether for an hour or the whole day.

Visit to book your ticket. The £3 is payable on the door to the venue but by booking we can monitor numbers and make sure we have space for you!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Dr M, I have doubts about your belief that Westgate will be a BT Broadband superhub any time soon. I know Roger Gale forwarded an email to you in April last year stating Westgate has been selected for FTTC in 2012.

BT's past history, they set a date to install 21CN WBC in 2010, but the date kept slipping back and back again and eventually never happened.

Unfortuneately, I dont know if you have been following the Westgate FTTC status, but our confirmed date slipped back and now has no confirmation date at all for 2012.
So based upon past BT history with uprading the Westgate exchange, it looks highly unlikely it will happen.

To top things off and make matters worse, not only are we stuck on the old 20CN equipement, the Virtual Pathways have failed back in December. Myself and others suffer from heavy congestion, and after many complaints to our ISP's, the ISP's have had no luck with BT getting them to fix it.