Friday, February 17, 2012

Gone Social

I went to a working lunch in London today. The topic was child exploitation on the internet and among other things, I learned it takes as many as 148 keystrokes or mouse clicks to maintain what I might describe as a reasonable degree of privacy on a Facebook profile.

I'm not a great fan of Facebook and I keep my own information and circle of 'friends' to a very bare minimum, because of those very same privacy issues and concerns. If like me, readers had access to the same stories, I suspect parents in particular would think twice before allowing their teenage children to use it without thought to the implications and potential consequences.  Social media offers us some remarkable opportunities but it carries with it a Pandora's box of risks and dangers to the most vulnerable in our society that leaves me cold.

On the train home, as usual, passengers right to a peaceful journey from Victoria station, was interrupted by the noisy and disrespectful antic of  four teenagers, two boys and two girls of about fourteen, who had to be ejected from the First Class compartment. I felt a personal sense of shame that they were from Westgate.

On a completely separate note, the concern over Sainsbury's building in Westgate, was covered in today's Thanet Gazette and I spotted that 'Smudger' quite possibly gazing at my last email through the opaque lens of a lunchtime bottle of Gordon's, had a problem grasping that I am still 'shadowing' planning, even though this has been sucked into the Black Hole of Iris Johnston's impressive commercial services portfolio, along with just about everything else except finance and the responsibility for parks, seaweed, rubbish and an epidemic of dog mess. These now fall on poor Cllr Poole's head, figuratively speaking of course!

I did explain earlier in the week, that for now at least, it makes some sense to leave the experience of planning in place, particularly as Labour, with the loss of Ian Driver, are now in a minority and hanging on to power, largely thanks to the vote of our so-called 'Diversity Champion', Cllr Worrow who was elected less than a year ago as a Conservative in Birchington but remains as confused over his politics as he is about his policies.


Anonymous said...

Simon any news on when we will see the Diversity Blog and recruitment adverts for the Diversity Blog Wardens

Anonymous said...

I asked the same question on his new Facebook group 5:02. My comment was deleted without replying.

Anonymous said...

Worrow's idea of democracy is to only talk to people who agree with him. Pretty lonely existence then!
Those who disagree he labels racists, homophobes or fascists.
What a grim future he has planned in his disturbed little head for Thanet!

Anonymous said...

From the last comment it would seem that JW has learnt quickly from his new Labour friends about PC practices. All those that oppose must be racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, europhobes or just nasty Tories since other opinions to theirs are outlawed.