Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Film About Margate & The Turner Contemporary

A nice Sky Arts film about Margate and The Turner Contemporary up on Vimeo. Thanks to the Reading Rooms for spotting it. I have also added a second video by way of artistic contrast and readers will notice where regeneration has been taking place since it was filmed. Some great clips of past glories too.

A film about Turner Contemporary and Margate by Sky Arts from Turner Contemporary on Vimeo.

Greetings From Margate from Louis on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Over heard you last year telling someone Westgate is getting super fast broadband in March 2012. Just read the comment and looked on the internet. Others are saying same

Very angry with you, as your supposed to be the digital champion fighting for us against the digital divide.

DrM. said...

Quite why anyone should be angry with my I can't fathom. It was me who pressed BT for faster broadband at a meeting at Westminster and I was surprised as anyone when they announced the upgrading of the Westgate exchange as I didn't believe I had that level of influence on the company. After all, it's taken two years for me to stop them sending me two separate phone bills for the same number?

I have heard this rumour and have asked Roger Gale if he can ask. I'm sorry to say I don't own any kind of magic wand when it comes to the plans and policies of BT

Dave Tappy said...

Well I for one will be glad of any increase in speed - potential 24mb download in summer will make a big difference to us running business in westgate that relies on the net. Presumably this is part of the staged upgrade required to enable fibre in December....

However, BT are notoriously unreliable when dates are involved as we all know!

I just wish we could get vFast wireless like the surrounding villages where they get 24mb down and 15mb ! up!

Still I remember 2400kb modems :-)

Peter Checksfield said...

It will also come in very handy for those that want to watch pornography in the evenings. ; )

I'm not John Worrow said...

Sorry Dave, two seperate products if you like. Whats scheduled to start in June is ADSL2+ which is old technology where BT left us out. The FTTC/Fibre to the cabinet uses a newer specification called VDSL.

You probably know already, but basically the longer the piece of copper from the exchange, the slower the eventual speed will be. Running a fibre optic cable to a street cabinet, then a copper cable from the cabinet means its shorter and capable of higher speeds.

Dependant on the length and the condition of the copper cable between your house and the telephone exchange. It will decide if your speed will increase or decrease with June's upgrade.

ADSL 2+ is capable of higher topspeeds, but doesnt go as far in distance the signal degrades sooner.

The following picture explains it better.

I'm not John Worrow said...

@Peter, you'l go blind you will :p

@Dave, If your DAT1 near bridge road, you should in theory be getting around 6+Mb download sync already and ADSL2+ would give you in theory about 15-16Mb download sync and 1Mb upload sync.