Friday, January 13, 2012

Seriously Speaking

It may come as a surprise but I for one, am a firm believer that one should never take oneself or one's politics too seriously. There's always room for a little irreverent satire or a sense of humour in any subject, even, dare I say it, diversity or free parking, as I'm sure readers will agree!

The last government, helped along by Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman, tried very hard to abolish the national sense of humour altogether but I've heard it rumoured that even young Ed Miliband has been seen in the company of a well-known comedian; possibly working-up some new and original material for Prime Minister's Question Time in the weeks ahead. Lord knows he needs it!


Readit said...

Readit said...

Lost the first comment Simon, doesn't make much sense without.

"Your cat can't rule the world. mine is already "diversity champion".

Peter Checksfield said...

I won't ask how Worrow got a photograph of you smoking a cigar in your pyjamas Simon... ; )

DrM. said...

It's me having a cigar and a Hemingway moment in Havana but I'm nor wearing pajamas though. You can see the picture on my Tumblr photo library further down the sidebar.

1 o'clock Rob said...

Apparanly Simon you are a right wing racist bigot who would normally be seen frequenting hate filled blogs... I loved the larger blue text letting everyone know that your fellow Conservative Councillors agree with him, yet fails to provide any evidence!

I'd comment at Worrow's blog but we all know he deletes anything that isn't completely aligned with his world view!!

Anonymous said...

Not just on Worrow's blog, Rob, but also Mike Harrison, who talks to lots of Tories outside of Thanet on his travels, claims on his that there is concern in the party about North Thanet Conservatives.

Can you imagine Mike Harrison in confidential chats about the NTCA with true blues around the country. The thought of all these Tories on courses rushing to make Mike's acquaintance and bend his ear with tales about the dreaded Thanet, lot leaves me feeling not a little sceptical.

Don't think he could be making it up, do you?