Saturday, January 07, 2012

People's News

I'm out assisting 'Sir Roger' on his constituency clinic today and so before I go, here's another 'Thought for the day' in picture form based on a somewhat cynical view of  progress among the People's Front of Thanet to date.

Pity about the aqueduct plan for Pierremont Park and the fate of the new Margate coliseum at Hartsdown has yet to be decided, by 'Reg' and  the Mayor, who were recently seen inspecting the colour of the grass.

Worse still for Reg,  that chief scrutineer and essayist of the political left, Newington's answer to Oscar Wilde, Cllr Mike Harrison has returned to blogging after a prolonged  literary absence!

I make no apologies for the parody of Thursday's Cabinet meeting or the recurring 'Life of Brian' theme and no ex-lepers were injured in the writing of this entry.


Anonymous said...

Been looking for an update on the situation regarding Fort Road Hotel which was on TDC agenda for last Thursday. I assume that, once again, nothing was decided?

Anonymous said...

I like Mike Harrison's blog - glad to see him back - a lot of basic common sense - without double meanings.

Anonymous said...

Councilor Harison is like Councilor Worrow at the minute. In the wilderness and ignored by his own group and having to dance to the tune of a bunch of monkeys. A sad end to a once promising leftist political career. You need to get back to your roots Mike. Up the workers!

Anonymous said...

Strange, 11:49, I thought the meat and TWO veg reference from Mike was a double.

James Maskell said...


"1. Cabinet agreed that a valuation of the land at the rear of the Fort Road Hotel (as shown at Annexe 1) be undertaken and, subject to an assessment of this valuation and that authority be delegated to the Community Services Manager to serve a Section 226 Compulsory Purchase Order on this land, pursuant to Section 226 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 - as per Option 2 of the report;

2. Cabinet agreed that Officers should further explore the potential of setting up an independent building preservation trust, and also seek external funding sources as per Option 3 of the report."

From TDC website. Hope that helps.