Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Between the Lines

Several of our Thanet blogs have some bizarre postings this week.

Labour's Mike Harrison appears to be sending some kind of coded message to my colleague, Chris Wells, expressing, unless I'm mistaken reading between the lines, a nostalgia for the old naval tradition of rum, sodomy and the lash. As Mike reportedly used to work for the railways, this is indeed worrying and perhaps he can reminisce for us a little more on his experiences of working in the early days of steam?

You will see that I had a waffle about insurance and Meerkats, James Maskell has dome some rather incisive work on planning, Tony Flaig looks forward to 'Tony Blair - the Movie' and this week, our diversity champion, John Worrow with his finger held tightly on the pulse of local opinion, worries about Abu Qatada and whether we are Islamaphobic and treating the preacher and anti-Semitic terrorist suspect unkindly.

You can't say that it doesn't make for interesting if not entertaining reading.

Postscript: I arrived home to read the following 'Notice' on John Worrow's weblog which came as a bit of a surprise. What a 'diversity blog warden' is I find hard to fathom. Is it a joke and would he or she have powers of arrest here in Thanet? Where can one apply?  Is it the Council offices perhaps and is some kind of official CRB  or political vetting required by Labour Group leader, Clive Hart and Cllr Mrs Fenner, (pictured further below)  who was 'Pleased' to create the diversity post for John in the first place?

In contrast the Council's modest blogging code of conduct pales to insignificance. Tomorrow's  meeting is going to be even more lively than I thought!


1, A new official Diversity Blog will be launched on Febuary 10th

2, A Public Meeting is to be held to talk about the responsibility of Bloggers regarding the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, with the aim of recruiting voluntary Diversity Blog Wardens, known as DBWs.

3. DBWs will become the blog and social network equivalent of Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators and will focus on Thanet users.


Anonymous said...

In the interests of human rights maybe Abu should stay here ?

Of course I refer to the myth of collective white guilt.

What we need is justice for the 1.25 million Europeans and Scandinavians taken into slavery by the Muslim Barbary slave traders.

Obviously more emphasis is required to facts like British white slaves in Barbados in 1650s numbered 21,700 whereas blacks only numbered 5,000. The white slaves from Britain were shipped by either Crown or Cromwell's commonwealth (Ollie sent 9000 a year)

Happily white European civilization defeated the Barbary slave trading Muslims and ended the slave trade in North Africa.

Can we expect Diane Abbott and every mosque and pseudo rights advocate in UK to start saying "Thank you Britain and Europe" ?

Not that I would in any way wish to act as a catalyst on your blog to excite Cllr Worrow. Perhaps churlish of me to introduce some facts maybe ?

Anonymous said...

The Worrow Wonder has now deleted every old post from his blog.

Anonymous said...

He has gone even further and deleted his blog in its entirety. Will he delete himself next must be the question in everyone's mind.

So the next step is blog spotters, not far removed from a derogatory term unkindly used to describe our friends across the Irish sea, namely bog trotters.

Well that should clean the old web up with no more nasty inuendo or snide comments. So where do we turn now for a bit of lefty bating or Tory bashing. All rather dull, what?

DrM. said...

I plan to ask a question on this subject in tomorrow night's council meeting!

John Holyer said...

The man is a clown.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Most odd but then the man has behaved very oddly in all he has done.