Wednesday, January 04, 2012

On the Other Foot

Fearing that 'Retired' might somehow discover a loose connection between my last entry and the IRA bombing of the Deal Barracks, it's time to move swiftly on.

Tomorrow evening, being Cabinet, I already have a selection of cartoon subjects prepared in lieu of any press release that may appear on ThanetLab, a news site that frequently displays more political ingenuity than Winnie the Poo.

Up until now, Clive and company have been heavily and predictably scripted, which did rather lead me to wonder whether it would be more efficient for them to simply forward the speeches to the Democratic Services officer and spend the evening at home. Whether this will now change remains to be seen or perhaps both sides could simply exchange their scripts and go to the pub instead?

In fact, the shoe is firmly on the other foot, because the new Labour Cabinet now has to answer questions and on our side of the room, we don't heckle well and neither do we trot-out the familiar prepared speeches about 'Greedy bankers' and the recession being a 'Conservative myth.' In fact, I really urge members of the public to come along and watch local democracy in action, particularly as there are several important items of business and I'm pretty sure the independent councillor, formerly known as 'Worrow', will put in an appearance to liven-up the evening's business even further.

I did start this entry with the aim of ignoring politics and writing about something totally different but failed miserably, as attentive readers will have noticed. I see over on Guido Fawkes that there is now a campaign to save Ed Miliband and I urge all my readers to contribute generously and give any small change they may have over from the inevitable  'Hart Failure' campaign which is about to begin.

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Anonymous said...

I am never quite sure which is worse, the Deal bombing conspiracy, the former Chief Constable of Kent abducting children, Masonic plots or the people waking up to Goldman Sachs.

Certainly those blokes in white armour could be terrorists or then perhaps they are abductors. Maybe on the other hand, they are guards at a well known bank or even on their way to a Knight Templars meeting in Great Queen Street.

There that should flush them all out for you.