Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Manston Night Flights

A picture tells a thousand words and on the subject of the future of Manston airport and the night flights debate, this one tells it all.

Quite how our Labour Council Leader, Clive Hart, is going to deal with the demand on the airport to manage a constant flow of arriving  and departing small jet aircraft for the summer Olympics, is anyone's guess. His letter on the subject is here, but he remains content to avoid the broader argument over the number of night movements,  Labour's posturing and its wider message on the future of our airport remains as uncertain and as perilous as ever.

You can find Bob Bayford, the Conservative Group leader's response to Clive Hart's letter, here.


Anonymous said...

Supply and demand Doc is what will kill it in the end. Not Conservatives dithering. Not Labour panicking. Not TDC officers being worse than useless. Market forces saying loud and clear "we don't want it".

If there is a flurry of activity over the olympics, so what? A once in a lifetime event triggers some moderate business. Will infratil keep it afloat until the next olympics?

Anonymous said...

If Boris Island is rejected as it should be and there are no extra runways at London Airports then Manston's time will come. However Thanet does not want noisy freight night flights on the dubious offer of new jobs.

SteveP said...

Time has come to realise once and for all that Manston as a viable airport is not going to happen.
Flybe tried their best, if they could not make it work then surely no one can.
None of the big names are interested due to it's "out of the way" location,so time has come to shut the whole thing down and look to the future.
Manston runway alone could provide enough space for thousands of new homes,attractions and could relieve some of the stress away from Westwood Cross.
Manston as an airfield has just come to the end of it's viable life, time to move on.

Michael Child said...

Simon any chance you could give us some idea of what you think are the posibilities with the airport?

Setting aside the rather inane process of local political infighting, this is a serious issue for Thanet, which I guess you have a better understanding of than most.

I had assumed that with the equine facility most of these Olympic night flights would be horses, am I wrong about this? There is considerable concern among the business community in Ramsgate that the publicity relating to four flights an hour during the Olympics will stop people booking hotels here, which given the fast train could have been expected prior to this announcement. Do you think the type of planes we can expect will prevent a reasonable night’s sleep?

I have taken the line for some time, that the airport should be restricted to the same proportion of nigh to day flights as the main commercial airports, Gatwick and Heathrow, as it would mean that if the economic growth really came it wouldn’t prevent it. Does this make sense to you?

Having read the 106 and the court case, R. v. Thanet District Council exp, I was unable to find the section 52, do you have a copy that would save me from putting in a foi request and therefore save either me or the council money, depending on who pays?

With the new relaxed rules on determination, since the localism act I would guess most of us are expecting some clearer positions from our councillors, but that said I am not asking you to say if you are for or against night flights here, just what the options are.