Sunday, January 08, 2012

Blessing of the Sea - Margate 2012

Not as cold as last January for the annual orthodox Blessing of the Sea ceremony on Margate sands by the local Cypriot community. A well attended town tradition, with our Mayor, both our MPs, Charter Trustees, representatives of different faiths and neighbouring districts, the Cinque Ports and the police and emergency services, as well as a large crowd watching from the promenade.

As always, once the religious ceremony was complete, a very brave small boy, dives into the cold sea to retrieve a wooden cross and then is retrieved and wrapped-up warmly to applause from the crowd.

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Michael Child said...

Nice Picts Doc, thanks, I would have missed this altogether else, according to our calendar epiphany moved – apart from in Ireland - this year and we hardly knew when to take the decs down.