Monday, January 09, 2012

All Change for Musical Chairs

My goodness, the press releases are flying about this afternoon!

In the blue corner, Leader of the Conservative Group, Bob Bayford, talks of "Shameless Labour hypocrisy," and in the red corner, the new Labour Leader of the council, Clive Hart exclaims: "We inherited a Cabinet system from the previous Conservative administration at TDC that appeared clearly designed to fudge and confuse staff, councillors, the press and the public. Cabinet members with ridiculously patronizing titles.. "

At this point, I have to come clean as a former Cabinet member, who had a title before Christmas, err.. 'His Luminescence, the Cabinet Member for Planning, the Environment & Regulatory Issues'. A bit of a mouthful I'm sure but what was written on the tin. If someone could explain where the patronizing titles were I would love to know, as the budget for business cards ran-out almost a year ago and my own just says 'Councillor for Westgate on Sea.'

What we appear to have now is Clive doing a little light work in between the daily swim and the afternoon nap. Alan is in charge of parks  trees and bins, Rick is the money man, Michelle finds herself in charge of business and IT- sorry I have to pause briefly for a giggle - and that hard-working socialist pocket battleship, the voluble Iris, is pretty much in charge of everything. She's got regeneration, tourism, planning, homelessness, cream teas and she's Mayor of Margate to boot, which is, I'm told quite unprecedented. Add to all this two sets of remuneration, a gold chain and a big smile to match.

How the Conservatives will meet this innovative shuffling of responsibilities has me baffled, particularly as behind the scenes, lies the long and duplicitous shadow of Worrow, - 'the reformer' - ready at a moment's notice, to emerge from his mystery lair and answer the call from the Mayor and keep Labour in power.

We live in interesting and occasionally funny times, I'm sure you agree.


Anonymous said...

Michelle in charge of IT? OMG that's hilarious.rsenci

*Going anonymous for this one*

SteveP said...

Iris in charge of anything..... Now that really is hillarious!!

ascu75 aka Don said...

I must say I thought your lot made a mess of things but I fear worse to come

Anonymous said...

Why don't Labour stop farting about with titles and actually DO something. How about making a decision on Hartsdown.