Sunday, December 11, 2011

Score Draw

Of course, with a change of local administration and Cabinet, one has to wonder what will now happen with Margate Football Club's hotel and 125 year lease application decision, originally scheduled for Monday. What, I wonder will Labour decide to do with it now the ball, so to speak, has landed in their court. Will they follow the officer recommendations made to the Conservative Cabinet or decide on a separate course of action? I'm sure everyone, me included, will be watching the final result with some interest.

Back in the world of 'Real politik,' I wonder if anyone other than the LibDems and Labour leadership disagree with David Cameron exercising the principle of the veto on Europe, to prevent them, under a new EU constitution, from dismantling our position as the centre of global finance and allowing Brussels to set our taxes and not Westminster.

The alternative would be to find Britain in a position where we took on a much larger burden of the European debt at a time when we are already feeling the pain of austerity measures, that may be unpopular but have kept our interest rates low and prevented us following Spain, Italy, Ireland and Greece towards financial meltdown.

Just to remind Westgate residents that it's the Residents Association monthly meeting tomorrow and that will be held at the Westbrook Bowls Club at 7pm. I'm sure there will be lots to talk about in regards to the implications of the change in administration for Westgate.


Michael Child said...

Simon firstly TDC have issued a press release saying that they won’t be considering the football club proposals

They have also published the recommendations to the cabinet at

Their recommendation being:

“6.0 Recommendation

6.1 The view of Cabinet is sought on the proposals submitted by Margate Football Club/ Hartsdown Properties Ltd in relation to leasing land owned by TDC.”

There is notification of restriction on any of the football club documents documents.

Are you saying that there were unrecorded documents presented to the Conservative Cabinet relating to the football club, outside the normal documents marked as restricted?

DrM. said...

Thanks Michael, I can't think of anything in regard to the application or the consultation which is not either in the public domain or which has not been a subject of active and partisan interest from the public

Michael Child said...

Sorry couldn’t understand what you meant in the post by a separate course of action, I still can’t for that matter.

The only alternative to giving their view, would seem to no view at all.

Unless of course there is some course of action recommended by officers, that I haven’t found, in which case perhaps you could point me in the right direction.

I am sure you appreciate that the suggestion that there was some sort of special relationship between officers and the previous cabinet raises some interesting points.

DrM. said...

That sounds like pretty daft speculation to me Michael.

No, what it means that on Cabinet papers and Council papers you will see officers recommendations, legal, financial etc, to guide members decisions.

That's how government, both big and small, works.

Politicians can make their own decisions and ignore the advice of officers but its rarely recommended where commercial matters are involved.

I hope that's crystal clear now!

Anonymous said...

Why should I as a 'Westgate Resident' be concerned about a change of adminstration> I voted not for you or Tom King at the last election. Now may change for the better.

DrM. said...

Think about it really carefully and it might just come to you.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Remind me what percentage of the registered electorate of Westgate voted for you? Was it 15.61%.

Hardly representative of Westgate's electorate.

DrM. said...

You may be right Troll but the turnout wasn't high as you know. Just remind me of the other candidates stats without me looking back will you?

It will give you something useful to do!

Shinguard said...

I believe David Cameron by hook or by crook got this call spot on, The UK stood to gain nothing by signing the original treaty which wasn't about sorting out the current mess the Euro zone is in but for Brussels to get their grubby hands on future Euro zone purse strings.

1 o'clock Rob said...

@7:14pm by trying to discredit Simon with % of vote do yourself no favours...

(IND)Thomas King 17% Elected
(CON)Simon Moores 16% Elected
(CON)Brian Goodwin 15% Elected
(CON)Richard Chapman 14% Not Elected
(LAB)David Bull 11% Not Elected
(LAB)Lynda Robinson 11% Not Elected
(LAB)Meg Harvey 9% Not Elected
(UKIP)Rosamund Parker 6% Not Elected

Whichever way you look at it the vote was primarily a Conservative one.

Anonymous said...

1 old boy you do not understand the interpretation of statistics do you. 16% of the electorate may have voted Dr M BUT 84% did not.

That does not spell democracy in my book.

Will Scobie said...

Actually it doesn't mean that at all anonymous. That 16% is of the total votes cast, but every elector has three votes because Westgate is a three member ward. Now that elector cannot vote for the same candidate three times meaning that it is slightly unfair to look at any candidate and ask why they weren't able to get those other two votes because quite frankly they couldn't!

Whilst it is interesting to look at the raw figures, any attempt to make something from these statistics is misleading without further information and calculations.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Will, but you must feel very lonely with a brain in the Labour party.

Anonymous said...

YoungScobie my figure of 16% of the vote is based on Westgate having an electorate of 5,079>

So as Dr M only got 793 votes from an electorate of 5,079 that makes 16% (or 15.61% to be more precise).

That is why I say it is undemocratic.

If you are going to have a democracy then voting should be compulsory (another argument).

DrM. said...

Mr Troll I will let you and Will debate this one if he cares to. I'm sure he will give a good account of himself!

Anonymous said...

I hate politics it gets in the way of representing the views of local people. Having attended a number of council meetings and sat viewing those on the webcast I have not been impressed with the way TDC works. I do not lay this blame to any specific party only on the fact that meetings are often party lead and voting follows the same way. Nodding dogs comes to mind.

No doubt when it comes to the vote on important issues like Hartsdown, Tesco, Manston Airport, China Gateway and Eurokent our representatives will be able to vote according to the wishes of local people and will not be swayed by money or politics.

As for Mr Cameron he is like the kid that wants his pocket money without doing his chores but what has this to do with local politicians who should be concentrating on local issues.

Anonymous said...

I have just Googled 'Worrows world' and the first option offered was 'sorrow's end'! How perceptive!

Will Scobie said...

I am not disagreeing that the system is flawed. Low turnouts undermine democracy at national and local level. As Winston Churchill once said, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."

However to go back to your figures, you cannot provide analysis with figures of 16% because it doesn't actually tell us anything. Something more meaningful is to to actually look at the amount of people who voted and then use percentages from there.

In Simon's case in Westgate there was a total of 2,108 ballot papers issued. Of these 2,108 Simon managed to get 793 meaning that his percentage of the vote was actually 37.6%. While still not a plurality of votes, it does represent a much more meaningful figure than a simple calculation based on the number of votes issued which doesn't take into account that all electors have three votes.

Hope this helps!

John Holyer said...

To Will Scobie,

Well said.

DrM. said...

I see Labour have decided to knock the football club application back to full council decision in February and have a site visit at Hartsdown at 2pm next Thursday.

What this changes, if anything, in regard to the public consultation I don't know as I'm sure that residents are quite aware of what the park looks like and where it is.

The last communication I had with the club gave a deadline of before Xmas to make a decision on the new leases so other than a 'Walk in the park' I really can't see what they are trying to achieve as the decision process is really quite clear now.