Friday, December 09, 2011

Politics in Pictures

I've decided to tell the story of this extraordinary week and what led up to it, in a few pictures rather than words, drawing on iconic popular comedy with a rather large dose of political satire. Here's the first installment and if I think of any more, I will add them in. The characters portrayed of course bear no resemblance to anybody living here in Thanet!

Finally, would anyone wish to comment on what I have just been told by an informed individual, that Cllr Worrow approached Cllr Hart for the deputy leader's position in return for his vote? He may also have approached Nick Clegg and President Assad of Syria for all I know?


Anonymous said...

A brief referral to the wizardy bird bath shows strong portents that the phrase "We're all doomed" may, in the near future, spring forth as your written words.

Anonymous said...

Blue Bids over the White Cliffs of Dover

True Worrow is another day ?

Anonymous said...

And finally the most inappropriate advice of our times "Don't panic"

Anonymous said...

simon, so nice to see you being graceful in defeat.

take your medicine Doc, and come back stronger. your childish, petulant response so far shows you in a very bad light which people will remember.

I also see you are up to your old habits of not posting a number of comments. I've had correspondence with 6 people who have had multiple comments not posted on your blog. Does not help you if are happy to give it but cannot take it.

DrM. said...

Sorry Mr 'Troll' the only anonymous patronising and offensive comments I don't publish are yours and occasionally Rick's when he rambles on about the IRA off topic

Unpublished comments all time show as 51 which are mostly yours and literary gems where you use language which breaches the acceptable use rule or simply show that you are barking mad with nothing better to do in your life but obsess with me! I suppose I should be proud to have my very own stalker!

Merry Xmas!

DrM. said...

Anon.. I suggest you up the medication and cease sending the personal messages! Have a nice day!