Friday, December 23, 2011

A Parking Newsflash - Updated

If you thought you were confused about the prevailing argument over free parking, then I see my colleague, Chris Wells, has stepped into a 'guest' blogger column, over on BigNewsMargate to try and walk readers through the maze of Iris Johnston's rather odd press release, faithfully reproduced with other unusual material over on John Worrow's Weblog.

From what I can make out from the story is still evolving and as Chris Wells writes: ‘Just 13 days, 12 hours, into the new “transparent” Labour era, Cllr Iris Johnston, in her rush to claim all the work on the parking review, has breached all protocols of responsible behaviour by leaking budget information on the ‘official’ Labour website. In doing so she revealed budget papers which are being considered by Labour to hike parking fees by around 9% and worse, realising what she had done, removed the offending paragraph after a few hours.'

Over on Worrow's World, I see that John's byline is now changed to "Campaigning For Social Justice and Defeating Bigotry In The Isle Of Thanet!", which is nice and I'm sure the good Conservative voters of Birchington will be most impressed. More commonly, ward councillors are preoccupied with more mundane tasks, such as making sure your bins are collected on time, crusading against dog mess, trying to solve the seaweed problem on the beaches or helping with pension and benefit queries.

Invariably, social justice is a topic associated closely with Members of Parliament, who can deploy much larger legislative weapons. The intrinsic meaning of the cartoon of a naked man in a bowler hat on John's weblog escapes me for now but here's one of my own pictures, which I hope sums-up where we are at with parking in general.

Glancing at Michael Child's Thanet Online, you'll see he's developed a rather bizarre interest in fruit, which I would comment is in his usual provocative and mischievous style. It's somewhat reminiscent of what one might have read in a magazine like Private Eye, in the seventies, although I'm pretty sure I've read it or a version of the same, somewhere before.

This morning, I have been loitering over a dismal, grey, wet and gusty Essex, taking photographs. I was the only pilot up for sixty miles, so Farnborough radar wasn't exactly overworked. I suspect the controllers are starting to recognise my callsign, 'Sierra Mike' by now. With this regular job to do, I'm learning more about the scrap metal business as the months pass.

What I heard today, is that not only do large numbers of Mercedes cars go missing and end-up being shipped-out in containers to a very healthy South African market but that containers full of 'scrap' metal often go the same way. What's unusual though is that these are absolutely filled to capacity and that at their destination, the containers aren't unpacked but simply put through the furnace in situ, with the molten metals being separated through some process. One comment I also heard, is that anything can go in these containers and so if organised crime chooses to 'bump someone off' then he goes in there too and is melted down with everything else. It puts a whole new twist on cremation.

For camera enthusiasts, the photo is of a Nikon D-700, with a modified night vision lens attached for US Military work, like for example, the raid on Osama Bin Laden. It's my favourite toy this month and sadly, you won't find one of these at the Comet Christmas sale.

Finally, for gadget lovers, I accidentally came across a watch that commemorates a world-record diving event I attended in Marseilles almost twenty years ago but sadly a timepiece souvenir I can't afford.


Michael Child said...

Thanks Simon as it was you that suggested I adopt a more Private Eye like approach, sorry if the thing is a bit dated, perhaps you would like to do something a bit more now.

I like the IR camera, did you know used in daylight with a red filter they render some man made fabrics invisible and there has been some litigation related to their use by the strawberry group.

Anonymous said...

Simon, it seems like John Worrow likes to play the gay card as al weapon to beat his opponents with. Doesn't he realise that most people don't give a monkeys these days about what people do in the bedroom as long as it doesn't invollve children or animals, and don't you agree that his nasty tactics are the sign of an increasingly desperate and cynical attemp to gain attention?

DrM. said...

I'm not entirely certain which card John is playing at the moment only that it's possibly one of the more unusual decks in the often undistinguished history of Thanet politics!

Peter Checksfield said...

I was going to suggest The Joker, but that would require a sense of humour... & I wouldn't dare suggest a Queen!

James Maskell said...

I very much doubt this is the end of it, even in this chapter of the story. In fact, looking at his latest blog, the chapter is barely begun...