Sunday, December 25, 2011

Two Christmas Tails

Merry Christmas one and all. I've decided that rather than type, which involves putting a glass of Irish coffee down for far too long, I will put-up a few illustrations, a dog's eye view of the day, to add to the Christmas cheer!

Observant readers may note my small mistake from very late on Christmas Eve! I have a very unusual and highly intelligent small dog which has an extensive vocabulary. Its quite bizarre that in quiet conversation with her, I can suggest that I would rather like to play with one of her toys, by name. You can then see her think about it for a while and then disappear,  quickly followed by the sound of  busy rummaging somewhere in the house. She then re-appears with the object she was asked for if she can reach it.

Dogs have their own wrapped gifts hidden around the tree and look forward to being allowed to find them and open them each year. Pulling the crackers over Christmas lunch to much excited barking is the high-point of the holiday for them. Strange but true I'm afraid!

Meanwhile, my daughter bought me Modern Warfare 3 for the X-Box. A quick lesson on the device has proved quite conclusively that I am absolutely hopeless with the controller and keep getting shot. So the best solution is let her play while I watch from the sidelines, suitably impressed with her effortless dexterity.

Somehow, I don't quite think I'm ready for the X-Box generation and may have to stick to blogging badly instead!


derick97 said...

Qui pro nobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum.

Anonymous said...

I think that translates as Gawd bless the distiller and brewer. Happy New Year.