Sunday, November 06, 2011

Watch the Birdie

I see the media made quite a meal of yesterday's banner over the Blackburn Rovers vs Chelsea Game. The weather was considerably better for the crew in the north of the country than here in Thanet but that didn't prevent a kamikaze seagull attempting to bring down the aircraft, 'Fowl Play' and causing the flight to be almost twenty minutes late over Ewood Park. You can see it just as the bird impacted in the photo at the delicate moment prior to picking-up the banner at Blackpool.

Actually getting airborne with a message in November is really a matter of luck, as the weather steadily deteriorates and managing the enormous expectations of football fans is one of the hardest jobs around. I've another big match to fly on the 19th of this month and this time, there's been a major fund-raising exercise to have a giant banner printed in the States, so I do hope the weather works out for the club involved.

Mind you, if you believe the adverts aviation doesn't involve lots of time waiting for the weather to clear, delays, ageing and temperamental aircraft but for a lucky few, as in the advert below, the Sun is always shining!

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