Friday, November 11, 2011

A Royal Remembrance Day at Turner Contemporary

I'm walking-off towards Margate and the Turner Contemporary Gallery very soon, as I suspect that with the road closures, driving is out of the question and I'm sure the morning exercise will do me good.

There's a small change of plan on my part now, as John Kampfner has very kindly invited me to the royal reception at the gallery and so I'll be going there rather than the old town hall.

As you might expect, I'm carrying my smallest Samsung compact camera, attached to my belt and so if I have any memorable photos of this very special event for Margate, I'll share them here. The challenge will be in not being too obtrusive and the light on the ground floor of the Turner makes good photography quite difficult with the glare coming through the huge window behind Rodin's 'Kiss'.

There's been a great deal of hard work going on behind the scenes to show the town of Margate at its best for the visit and I'll be planning some spot checks on my walk along the seafront. Unfortunately, it looks set to be a misty Remembrance Day but at least it's not raining.

More later I hope. It's a day to remember the fallen, to celebrate local regeneration and a special visit to look forward to. One that even the editor of our often cynical local paper will be hard-pressed to be negative about.

Please don't forget the Remembrance Sunday procession in Westgate at 10:45 to the Sea Road war memorial. The United States embassy is sending their military attaché  to join us, which is a considerable privilege for our small town.


Michael Child said...

Thanks for posting the pictures Simon, I couldn’t go to Margate today as I had to work.

Anonymous said...

Good Dr,
Could you please let the TDC press department know that Tracey Emin was not born in Margate!
Tracey Karima Emin RA (born 3 July 1963 in Croydon[1]) is a British artist of English and Turkish Cypriot origin.
Miss Emin is not a Planit Fanit girl,
Please can we have an apology.

DrM. said...

I will let them know!

Anonymous said...

how did you creep in to there when the other ct were at the mayors parlour i bet your knees hurt simon don,t they and how come it was only you who got invited there do the think you are the special one

DrM. said...

Sorry to disappoint you but I had an invitation as I explained in the text. That meant that I couldn't be in two places at once, so I passed my apologies to the Charter Trustees and attended the reception for the Queen

I'm sure that in my place you would have done the same!

Nora Batty said...

Anonymous 5.29 - Do I detect some sour grapes ? If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing.

Anonymous said...

no you don,t detect sour grapes nora battery i just bet cllr moores knees hurt with all that crawling he did to get tickets for that day he is welcome to it if that is whay makes him happy must say it looks like he always won,ts to be a front line person and not mix with the other cts

Peter Checksfield said...

Simon, why do you approve comments by such an obvious troll?

DrM. said...

4:20 You are in danger of giving yourself away, as I doubt there are many readers out there who share your instantly recognisable style and unusually close interest in the business of the Margate Charter Trustees.

Now once again, I hate to disappoint you but I didn't have to 'crawl' to anyone, I was invited to the reception and that's really a matter for the Turner as it did appear to be a bit of a lottery as to who was and who wasn't.

DrM. said...

It's a good question Peter but I do try hard to let people have a say, sometimes even trolls too!

I really don't want to have to out him!

Anonymous said...

Why is he calling people who came to see the Queen c ts?

Messed up bugger or what!

Anonymous said...

Cos he didn't get an invite! LOL