Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remembrance Sunday 2011

The Sun was out for Remembrance Sunday in Thanet today and Westgate-on-Sea welcomed the United States Military Attache, Colonel Sonny Blinkinsop, photographed with the WWRA stalwart, Stephanie Sutton, joining the parade to the war memorial and the plaque dedicated to the Liberator bomber crews of WWII, where he also laid a poppy wreath.

Cllr Tom King and I both took part and I was delighted, once again, to see how many people and representative groups, of all generations, gathered for the multi-denominational parade and small ceremony in Sea Road. This year, for a change, we didn't get wet.

I had an opportunity to take the Colonel to the Turner Contemporary and then to the Spitfire Museum at Manston, where he was warmly welcomed by its trustees and given a an official tour of the exhibits.

For Westgate to be recognised by the United States Airforce in this way is a very special privilege for the town and with weather like today, helps spread the message of Thanet being a place of interest to visit for a broad variety of cultural, historical and tourism reasons.


Anonymous said...

i think itonly fair that the people of westgate know that cllr b goodwin is off with cancer and that and only that is why he was not at the westgate parade this sunday nor was he at margate and it is only fair the people of westgate know this and that he is not just being rude in not attending the advents
yours a good friend of his
from a member of the westgate public

DrM. said...

I'm sure we all wish Cllr Goodwin well and look forward, one year, to seeing him at the ceremony

Anonymous said...

To be fair Brian was at the 11/11/11 ceremony in Margate on Friday.. thats called 'Dedication'

DrM. said...

I don't think anyone here is being unfair to Brian and I'm sure everyone wishes him well. I'm not accepting any more comments on this off topic subject.