Monday, November 07, 2011

The Olympic Flame Comes to Thanet on 19th July

Announced this morning, the Olympic Flame will be making its way to Thanet on Thursday 19th July 2012 stopping at the Turner Contemporary and will pass through: Cliffsend, St Lawrence, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, St Peters, Cliftonville, Margate, Westgate-on-Sea and Birchington.

On my part, there's a certain irony, as it's forty years, since I became inspired by athletics as a teenager and by the Russian sprinter,Valeri Borzov at Munich in 1972. I could never have imagined then, that the Olympic flame would pass so close.

I have a personal debt of gratitude to sport, rugby,Thanet Wanderers,  tennis (Margate & Broadstairs LTC) and athletics, Thanet Athletics Club, as these kept occupied and out of trouble in my teenage years in a Thanet, where there was very little to do but run, read and watch TV. Sport gave me a great deal, my first job and an opportunity to travel and I hope that today's generation will benefit from the Games and the rewards that sport can bring everyone, regardless of age and gender.

Leader of the Council, Cllr. Bob Bayford, said: “I am thrilled that Thanet will be playing host to the Olympic Flame and that so many of our communities have been included on the Torch Relay. This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of Thanet to join together to welcome the Olympic Flame and witness the spectacle of the Olympic Torch Relay. This will shine a global light on the Thanet communities hosting the Relay and I hope that this will encourage celebrations where people can share in the Olympic Spirit on the countdown to the Games and support members of the community who have been chosen to run with the Olympic Flame.


Peter Checksfield said...

Margate is famous for being a place where fires start!

Michael Child said...

Simon any idea why it says on your sidebar the council posted it 2 days ago when they in fact posted it today? This is only technical interest related to there being a problem with the councils feeds that I don’t fully understand. As an example the feed from the council should read “Margate Old Town to greet Queen” which is what thy have just posted.

DrM. said...

No idea Michael but why you worry over such things defeats me. In a perfect world there would be money and resources to apply to perfect systems but sadly, we live in an imperfect world with a public sector close to penury. Thus what you would like and what is possible are divided by some distance and the priorities lie with budgeting for managing the really important things in a broadly benefits dependent and often deprived part of the country.

Michael Child said...

Thanks Simon I think I see where the misunderstanding is.

Apart from the queens diary on her website, which as you have already pointed out not many people would look at regularly, the only source for publicity about this event is Thanet District Council, and with the security surrounding royal visits information about them is only available close to the date they actually happen. This means that the internet is the only real source for distributing this information.

I take it that you agree that the number of extra visitors who come to Thanet for this event is important to the local economy, take my word for it that at the moment for those of us trading in the Thanet towns, extra visitors from outside of the area are crucial to our survival.

It then follows that the web publicity relating to this event is important to the local economy.

So we have a publicity time frame in which the council are allowed to publicise the event, the public announcement of the visit on the 26th October and the public announcement of the places to be visited on the 4th November, with the visit on the 11th November the time frame is tight.

With the feeds from the council websites these are critical both because the traditional media use them as a source of news and because the social media do.

It just isn’t true to say that Thanet council lacks funding in this area, the they have just launched and funded a new website listing local events, this gives us a total of three council funded events sites, none of which has managed to list this event so far.

DrM. said...

I suggest that you try the BBC, local papers et al. Once again, what you want in public sector Web development may not be a priority for local government in these tough times. Certainly, improvements can and will be made as small budgets and resources allow.

Michael Child said...

Simon the BBC, local papers et al for the most part would use news feeds to gather this information, with the only feed source in this instance being the TDC news feed, you appreciate that the council feeding the information today with the feed backdated to the 3rd November, so that a journalist would find today’s news from the council appear in last Thursday’s list, I don’t think the coverage is going to be that great.

Interestingly the best monitor of these backdated feeds not appearing is the council’s own Facebook wall, which is directly linked to the council’s news feeds, but seems to publish those feeds where the time stamp is the same as the actual time of publication.

This is a bit like you having a banner flight booked for Tuesday morning, actually flying it on Thursday afternoon, but logging it as having taken place on Tuesday morning.