Friday, November 04, 2011

Away Days

I've been preoccupied this week, at the London Conference on Cyberspace, which attracted the great and the good, from all four corners of the earth into the QE II conference centre, for an event hosted by William Hague, with David Cameron dropping in on Tuesday for a speech to support the initiative.

Hilary Clinton cancelled at the last moment, because of the sudden death of her mother, which left Vice President, Joe Biden to make a speech on her behalf.

With so many big name politicians in town, security was pretty intense, as the media have complained, surrounding the conference centre and at the Science Museum in Kensington, for the reception the evening before. I was surprised to bump into John Kampfner getting his security pass and I think he was more surprised to bump into me, because he hadn't made a connection between my council role, here in Thanet and the 'day job.' Why should he? John was speaking in his role of Chief Executive at the Index on Censorship but we managed to have time for a chat about the Turner Contemporary and of course, The Queen's visit to Margate next week. If you haven't heard already the gallery will be closed all day Friday and of course there will be strict security crowd control in the town for the visit. Some of the more mundane elements of the arrangements for this Royal visit, fall within my portfolio responsibility and I'm sure, that in general, the population of Margate and indeed, Thanet are looking forward to it, with some predictable exceptions perhaps!

I'm not sure I will blogging as much as usual over the next month, as I'm in and out of the country several times on business;  as far as Abu Dhabi with my usual visit at this time of year, while of course remaining close to my council portfolio. Modern, 'always connected' technology and tele-presence is a wonderful thing. So you may find that I'm blogging a little more more intermittently than usual and may rely more on Twitter instead.

Before I forget, don't forget the new police non-emergency number is now 101. Late the other evening I had a telephone report from a passing resident of four teenage hoodies at the top of Westbrook avenue armed with aerosol paint cans. So I called the police and I'm pleased to say that while I was still on the line, they were apprehended; a good result I thought!

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Anonymous said...

anon again!
A nice change for the Police to turn up for you!
I'm looking forward to HM visit, I hope the Security Measures are not too harsh.
When she came to Germany I got really close up to her. Mind you, there probably aren't as many druggies in Germany as there are in Margate.