Monday, October 03, 2011

Party Time

It's the Conservative Party conference and aside from the collapsing Euro, fears over the Greek deficit, the overall shambles that is Europe and of course, our struggling and debt-burdened economy, one topic  appears to be stirring the strongest feelings among voters. This is of course the European Human Rights Act, which has its successes or failures, depending on your political viewpoint, catalogued on a daily basis by the tabloid media.

Before the last General Election, the Conservatives pledged to replace it with something more appropriate to our national interest but that was of course before we had a coalition government and the Liberal Democrats and in particular, the Euro-centric Messrs Clegg and Huhne, have more or less said that it's here to stay and any moves to replace it will end in the collapse of the coalition.

Next year of course, accession states Bulgaria and Romania will have full access rights to our welfare system and the other evening I found myself in strange agreement with Nigel Farage and Bob Crow, sharing a spot on Sky News, an unusual partnership from opposite ends of the political spectrum but in common agreement over the manifest disadvantages of European policy to the British public.

In regard to the Human Rights Act, we appear unique in Europe in regard to a generous judical interpretation of the Brussels legislation and unlike our European neighbours, who live under the 'Code Napolean'  our judiciary are entirely free of political interference, which is a good thing at times but clearly not where the national interest in involved.

So where other European states will frequently roll-over the decisions of their judiciary in their own national economic or security interest, we can't, which to me, at least, makes having our own national bill of rights a logical alternative to one which is being used by clever lawyers to club us to death with our own liberal goodwill.

At what point, I wonder will government of any party be prepared to finally stand-up and say a resolute 'Non' to Brussels or do we silently accept the rampant abuse of our national goodwill, as a necessary condition of being part of a greater and more prosperous European dream which is fast becoming a nightmare as monetary union appears closer to collapse with each passing day.

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