Monday, October 03, 2011

Crashes and Crimes in Thanet?

Today's release of Google 'Crashmaps' reveals where the most dangerous roads are in Thanet. You simply type in a postcode on CrashMap - then scroll looking for exclamation marks.

So now not only can you see which roads to avoid or treat with greater caution than others but with Google's similar interactive crime maps on the website, you can also see who your neighbourhood police officers are with their contact details, the latest police twitter information from Thanet and where the risk of crime and or personal assault are highest too!

In Westgate, you'll notice there's a distinct geographical pattern to burglary around Beach Road and Sussex Gardens and anti-social behaviour incidents in the same area, all of which I find very depressing. I'm sure this is true elsewhere too!

I recommend that all readers check their postcodes against the crime map to see what local risks they should be aware of.


Michael Child said...

168 crimes for my postcode CT11 8NY and 198 crashes Simon, what do you get for your postcode Simon? I ask because the figures don’t mean much unless you have another area to compare it with.

DrM. said...

78 accidents of all types and 59 crimes.

Michael Child said...

Simon if have a mo enter my postcode and click on the crime maps tab and look at the figures for previous months in July most of Ramsgate’s crime seemed to migrate from the town centre to the Westcliff. You may want to see if anything strange happens in your area, or of course you may be far too busy to play with the maps like I did.

James Maskell said...

244 in my area and in my street 7 anti-social and one violent crime in August. I hear drunken singing and screaming girls every so often so it sounds about right.

Tommo said...

The crime maps can be informative but I hope the website is now up to date. Earlier this year the meeting times for Police surgeries were incorrect (as I found to my cost) and the messages I have sent to the email address have gone without reply not even an automated one.