Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bird's Eye View

I made two sorties to Dale Farm this morning and one to the Olympic Stadium. One of these locations had fires burning at various strategic points and the other didn't. If time allows, I will try and put up a photo to help readers guess where the blaze was!

The Essex Police helicopter unit were very helpful and allowed me inside their one mile exclusion zone around Dale Farm, with them hovering at low-level and me at 1,500 feet, watching the action taking place below around the scaffolding at the entrance to the caravan park. I joined them for a cup of coffee later so they could have a better look a some of the long-lens photos. (Photo Jim Bennett)

Before Arlington House by Captain Snaps'

Of course, this evening, it's a big planning evening at Thanet District Council, involving the Tesco/Arlington application and many of us, I know,  share strong feelings about the planning legislation. However, while I have sympathy for the plight of the Travellers at Dale Farm, I also feel strongly, that proper respect for the law that binds us as a free society, applies to everyone, regardless of politics, ethnicity, colour or religion. It's very difficult to justify the council  enforcing the taking down of a conservatory extension which may be one metre too wide, when in the minds of many people, a blind-eye is turned to the sudden and unexpected arrival of a travelling community, that occupies and swiftly tarmacs 'Green Belt' land, not uncommonly, over a Bank Holiday weekend.

Arlington House Construction by Captain Snaps'
On a totally different subject, I attended an event at the Turner Contemporary last night, which gave me an opportunity to explore their 'Nothing in the World but Youth' exhibition. While I'm not normally one who appreciates the qualities of modern art, I did find this display very interesting and quite thought-provoking at times. So if you have the opportunity, I recommend that you go along and take a look for yourself!

Stop Press: In the interests of transparency, the Planning Committee have voted to send the application to full council for debate.


Anonymous said...

Shame you did not have some napalm!

Peter Checksfield said...

I agree with the napalm comment though evacuate Arlington House beforehand!

ascu75 aka Don said...

Nice Pictures of Arlington House and before it was put up. I cant say I am worried by the Tesco development I think it will look beter. But it really did look better before it was built.

ascu75 aka Don said...

forgot to say I plan to go to see the new exhibition next week when Ross can take me