Saturday, October 01, 2011

Bad Boys

Hastings today and a banner around the town for an hour, advertising open evenings next week for the new 'Hastings Academies.' I suspect most people were on the beach shown below.

I will admit that it's a novel way of promoting community involvement in the school and that I quite possibly thought the same as you but "Ours not to reason why."

Two O'clock this morning  and Westgate Bay Ave and Westbrook Ave had appeared to have attracted a group of teenagers keen to take turns road testing a very noisy mini motorcycle as conspicuously as possible.

Unable to sleep I went outside and challenged the two left with the machine and it was the usual 'Bad Boys' of around sixteen plus.  The conversation  became very heated on their part and very nearly became violent but neither seemed prepared to act out their threats and they dispersed, pushing the now stalled mini-bike back towards Wesbrook. Hopefully the incident won't repeat but I will be reporting this to our community officer and have already passed on the information and address of an alleged heroin and marijuana dealer living within two hundred yards of my home, which a concerned local resident has shared with me.

What did worry me most perhaps was that this is becoming more common and so many of these kids were sixteen or under. Several I recognised and there they were running around in the early hours of the morning causing havoc. I spoke with one girl and told her that I would be having a word with her dad in the morning but she replied her parents had recently split-up and she was living in the house on her own; she's just sixteen. What can I say!

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