Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rocking All Over the World

The wind has picked-up enough for the colourful giant kites to start flying over Margate Beach as part of the annual 'Big Sky' international festival on the seafront and I'm just home from a 'Rock Doc Walk' local geology interest with Alasdair Bruce at Kingsgate and Botany Bay on a stunning September morning.

A German television crew were in tow, filming a documentary and they were suitably impressed with the light and the Thanet weather; it's like this all the time as we know and a good a reason as any to come and admire the famous sunsets from the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate!

Alasdair was holiday trekking in Yellowstone Park last week so the contrast in geology between there and Botany Bay must be remarkable.

You can book a place on one of these walks here and having an expert like Alasdair living locally, makes it even more worthwhile for the outing to enjoy our coastline.

Other news of the day, is that I'm reliably informed the Thanet Gazette's 'Captain Thanet', Saul Leese,  has departed the paper suddenly, for a new career outside journalism in London and I wonder if we'll be reading about it in Smudger.

Reportedly, the title's future is uncertain enough for people to be worried and Saul, who will I'm sure be sorely missed, appears to be the first overboard. I wish him luck in his new role.

Staying with Smudger a moment, there's a nasty catty piece in the paper this week, taking a swipe at Laura Sandys for promoting our tourism and decrying our ' Knee deep in rotting seaweed 'covered beaches as if we had some control over the tides and the largest seaweed harvest, by orders of magnitude in Britain.  I've visited much of our sixteen-mile coastline in the last twenty-four hours as you can see from the photos and our Thanet beaches look magnificent and picture-postcard attractive; quite enough to impress a foreign TV crew today and I hope, even David Tennant, who spent some time filming on the sands, this week.

For further information on Rock Doc walks please contact Thanet Coast Project on 01843 577672 or email


Nora Batty said...

Do you honestly expect `Smudger` to be anything but sarcastic and spiteful ? I stopped buying the paper years ago after some very inaccurate comments made in the column that were designed specifically to cause upset.
Laura Sandys will probably do what most others have done, stop buying the rag and ignore the comments that are usually a figment of some brain pox infested reporter. Mark my words, this rag is on its' way out.

Peter Checksfield said...

Interestingly, I posted a link to this post on The Gazette's Facebook page. They removed it without comment.