Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Margate Rooftop Protest

14:30 Update: I'm hearing that the man has now come down safely.

The protest taking place on the roof of Boots the chemist in Margate still appears to be on-going.

Police have cordoned-off the approach roads and you will see from the photograph, that this is a young man, locally-known as Daniel, seeking parental access to his children. He is following the controversial example of "Fathers 4 Justice" in taking 'direct action' of this kind. If you have a car parked in Cecil Square, then I suspect it's going to be there until this incident is peacefully resolved.

Comments are now switched back on and the photo is available for use with attribution.

Meanwhile, the police presence continues to build, with the helicopter now arriving on scene, I suspect from the sound of the clattering noise overhead.

See Thanet Gazette link full story here. Photo with a Samsung EX1 (F1.8) at full digital zoom.

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Nora Batty said...

Whilst I do not condone this sort of action, I can quite understand why some Fathers are driven to do such things to highlight their plight. If he had chosen somewhere like the Turner Gallery, he might have reached a bigger audience by featuring on the local news. As it is, he has probably been driven to distraction by the family courts. His children may well respect him more when they grow up for taking a stand ! In a way, it is great to see a Father fighting for his rights in an area where so many single Mum's couldn't even remember the names of their babies Father !