Thursday, September 01, 2011

Loose Metal

Not much happening today over the Essex Travellers site at  Dale farm. I assume that the authorities will seek every opportunity to find a peaceful compromise but looking down on site from my vantage point, I might loosely describe it as well-fortified encampment and the occupants have made it very clear to the media that they do not intend surrendering back the greenbelt land they have occupied without a struggle.

I dropped into the giant PC World at Rochester on the way back to refuel and to have a look at some cameras. Over the weekend I did visit Westwood Cross and was very disappointed in the lack of choice and apparently higher prices across several stores. In fact, I had the distinct impression that even with our own large shopping mall, we appear somewhat out on a limb in terms of quality, quantity and pricing of electronic goods. Why I can't say.

The two cameras I was looking for weren't however in the store. Why? One they couldn't seem to have delivered and the other was out of stock. The sales assistant told me that they have big problems with their display cameras, of which they have rather a lot, being stolen. That said, I was told earlier this week that the brass fittings from the clock tower building in Ramsgate have been stolen, a story, which rather ties in neatly with another of the aerial reconnaissance tasks I've been doing recently and that's photographing several scrap metal sites in Essex from above.

What continues to amaze me locally is how we can lose lengths of promenade railings or the fittings from one of our historic buildings without someone noticing. Perhaps in a way we are lucky. I read that one village elsewhere has been without telephone and broadband connections for two weeks now after thieves ripped out over half a mile of BT's copper cabling. I suppose if the the thieves arrived in a white van, together with a man in a day-glow vest carrying a clipboard, then nobody would have taken any notice at all!


Michael Child said...

Simon can you clarify what has been stolen from which building in Thanet? My understanding is that Margate has a Clock Tower and Ramsgate doesn’t.

DrM. said...

I think it's referred to as the clock tower building but it's passing information along with many other acts of local vandalism and I don't have the full detail.

Anonymous said...

perhaps these 'Non Travellers' should take a leaf out of Cllr Will Scobies book and Bu**er off to Paris for a few months.. Lets hope they give up their benifits like he should give up his allowance!

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand this. I have just read the last few stories on this blog and it seems to me that most of the contributors are intent on personal insults and criticism against the blogger. This used to be an invaluable site to glean local information about what is going on and was most helpful to local residents. If you have nothing of value to add, then might I suggest you just don't bother reading this blog at all. It is hijacked regularly by ill mannered, knuckle draggers who have little understanding of punctuation, spelling or capitalisation. If you have a gripe against Simon Moores, then keep it to yourself, or put your name to it. It says a lot for the man that he even publishes the warped comments as well as the helpful.