Friday, September 30, 2011

In The House Again

This afternoon I was back to the Big Brother House again, with a message for a young lady called 'Maisy' from her father. That's four flights I've done over the place in the last six years, Jade, Ulrika, Maisy and a message, one year, "there is another house" which made no sense to me!" I suppose the emotional reaction was predictable though!

Over Essex I photographed the Red Baron through the thick thirty degree haze. Unlike the Fokker Dr1 in the photo, I don't have a machine-gun but I 'm a little faster!

Four days of flying in these temperatures beats the very best weight loss programmes. Working at low level, as I do, the cockpit can be uncomfortably warm and I have every sympathy for the helicopter pilots in Afghanistan, where temperatures can reach 50 celsius while they are going through start-up checklists, which can take twenty minutes or more, in the case of the Apache.

It appears we are expecting a bumper weekend here on the coast and I'm already getting reports that our local traders are benefiting from the extraordinary Indian summer weather.

I noticed driving out of Birchington this morning, the steady line of cars coming in with more than one,  occupant, as people did the sensible thing in this temperature and headed for the seaside!

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