Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frying Tonight

Council cabinet tonight and as the Labour group normally have their speeches well prepared in advance, so they pop-up on the internet shortly after the meeting concludes, I even thought I might have a quick bash at writing the inevitable starting monologue for them. This  normally has absolutely nothing to do with the business in hand and is simply a reminder that the outdated notion of 'class-war' remains alive and well in Thanet;

Invariably, this takes the form of an introductory political speech from Cllr Poole on 'Greedy bankers,' 'millionaire public school' toffs and how the economic crisis is a fantasy, made-up by the ConDems, as an excuse to steal public sector pensions and smear the outstanding work of fifteen years of Labour Government.

Short pause then, for the regular finger-pointing chant on how a Labour government gave us new hospitals, schools - and several small foreign wars, before the important business of the evening starts-

I wonder what David Miliband would make of it all and if you don't believe me come along and see how local government works, despite the exhausted slogans and regular interruptions, for yourself.

Fed-up with watching re-runs of small boys cage-fighting for the delight of the audience at a Lancashire Labour club on Sky News, I'm going for a cycle ride to Reculver before I read through this evening's papers again. I wonder what the national outcry would be in contrast,  if teenage pole dancing was the evening's entertainment at the local Conservative club.

In the photos, yet another Minnis bay car park puncture and pictured, Sammy the Terrier who is 90 today. In dog years anyway. She's had 1 candle in a corned beef sandwich to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Let me get this right.. The bankers who brought the country to it's knees are not 'greedy' ? And your party is not run by 'millionaire public school toffs' ? Yesterday's news that the terminally ill "will feel more useful if they have work" is one of the most depressing things I've ever read.. I hope you're ashamed.

DrM. said...

And the recession is a myth as well I suppose. Those greedy bankers who ran wild under the last government, only account for £70 billion or so of the eye-watering debt at most and we should receive the money back over time as we own a shareholding. No excuses though.

Britain having a larger overall public sector debt than Greece, Italy or Spain is a much greater subject of concern and greedy bankers and public school toffs are simply a distraction from the facts.

Chris Parks said...

Nope.. I don't think the recession is a myth. And I'd certainly acknowledge that the last government had a part to play in it.

Clearly however, they did not have a part to play in the global recession that is hitting Greece, Spain and Italy.

I'm just getting extremely tired of hearing "the legacy of the Labour Government" rattled out by rote as a smokescreen to excuse all manner of idealogical motivated policy.

Incidentally , I don't have a problem with public school boy toffs if they do a good job.

DrM. said...

Hence the topic of the post then. Try sitting in my place and listening to the ideological, class war monologue from the Labour Group each council meeting. It's all rather depressing when there's more important local business to do here in Thanet than dwell on whether the Prime Minister had a public school education.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sammy,you're looking good!:)

DrM. said...

No political lecture tonight at Cabinet. Was it something I said I wonder?