Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Faustian Dilemma

It's the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham this weekend and the Deputy Prime Minister, with his attention trapped between his political survival and the really important policy issues, such as education and the NHS, has pledged to make his Party less 'male and pale'; reinforcing the case that this country is now run by a coalition government and not simply a Conservative one.

Labour's future is now directed by the Edwardly lesser talent of the two Marxist-educated Miliband brothers and the equally left- wing Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, which should give some of us good reason to worry over a future in their hands. At least a generation will have to pass, before the record debt left to this country - £140 million a day in interest alone - by the last Labour Government, may reduce to manageable levels, under an unavoidable regime of tight austerity, regardless of which Party happens to hold power.

At Westminster, what might appear to be a number of common sense policies to the bulk of the population, are frustrated by the 'Eurocentric' LibDems that stand in the way of Conservative manifesto commitments, while holding a disproportionate number of Ministerial appointments as their Faustian bargain to keep Labour out of power. It's the political equivalent of the lesser of two evils but without a clear majority, no single party can easily or swiftly deliver a complete programme of Post-Labour reforms, political, legislative, social and more.

Here in Thanet, people also forget that the situation is not entirely dissimilar to that at Westminster; the balance of power held by the Independent group, which can lead, almost inevitably, to a drawn-out process of compromise, which is not without its challenges, with so much to do and so little time available in the execution.

Time to take the dog for a walk I think and mull-over the potentially awful consequences for the Eurozone of Greece defaulting on its eyewateringly large national debt. Thankfully, for all of us, the LibDems, distracted perhaps by their more important diversity agenda, aren't quite able to achieve their policy goal of full European fiscal and legislative integration or complete surrender to the Brussels bureaucrats.

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