Monday, August 08, 2011

Volunteer Editor Required

Cllr Tom King, the Chair of the Westgate & Westbrook Residents Association (WWRA) has asked if I can help advertise for a volunteer editor for the association newsletter, The Record, which is distributed in the two wards.

Internet and PC editing skills are needed to put the content together before its printed and so if you have the time and are able to assist, please send Cllr King an email.


Anonymous said...

i find it strange that only three councillor were at this weeks caraval not one labour member only iris and four other nobody from cabinet what a let down or is it below them to be sen at caravals

DrM. said...

I was working but don't know about anyone else. Normally I'm there if my schedule allows.

However, how you know the numbers of councillors who might have attended comes as a surprise. Normally I only know who is there by bumping into them among the crowds along the route.

DrM. said...

Good news.. WWRA has a volunteer!!

Many thanks!