Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Too Late to Blog

I think I did eight display sorties today but haven't checked my logbook yet and dinner finally beckons; I only just got in from Bournemouth and Dunsfold. Anyway, if I get a moment to add some more pictures and text this evening I will.

Below is "Jules" the RAF's talented lady display pilot, who you may have seen flying the black Hawk at Margate's Big Event. She's been promised a ride in the Fox when the airshow reaches Bournemouth on Friday but quite frankly I know which of the two aircraft I would rather take a flight in.


Anonymous said...

I know which one I'd prefer to ride!

Anonymous said...

anon again!
I see you didn't mention the Manston Spitfire Memorial open day and display, which is dissappointing.
It was a great little show and many families turned out. Biker's drew big crowds too.
I biked over from Birchington in the hot Sun, but was well pleased to see the Red Arrows along with Kent Air Ambulance and many, many display's.
Spitfire flypast was superb.

Anonymous said...

Try again in 2013 it will be back!