Saturday, August 06, 2011

Rapide Travel

An unusually varied day today, which started with a summons from Steve Stevens DFC, to Shoreham airport, where a documentary is being made about one of the last heroic members of a now dwindling band of WWII RAF pilots.

I wrote about Steve in an earlier blog entry and he's written a number of books about hs experiences, the best-known being 'Beaufighter over The Balkans.' The book cover is an actual photo of a famous raid he led against a Nazi headquarters. Today, he was being given a ride in a De Havilland Rapide  from the wartime period and he last flew one of these in 1947, on a mercy mission to Africa.

It was touching seeing him make friends with a young boy clutching a model of an A10 Thunderbolt, who also wanted to be a pilot when he grows up. Steve said to him: "I used to fly and aircraft like that over sixty years ago but war is a terrible thing and when you grow up fly for peace instead."

He gave the little lad a signed copy of both of his books and I wonder if it will make a lifetime impression on the boy as a link between different generations over half a century apart?

From Shoreham it was a run through some heavy rain to do a marriage proposal for 'Zoe-B' over The Playgroup Festival at Eridge Park and then a trip from Rochester to the Big Brother House near Elstree Studios to photograph what they are up to on the production set for one of the tabloids in advance of a new series of the reality TV programme.

So I can't say the day wasn't 'different.'.

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